tha gam3r z0ne

I got Tears of the Kingdom for my daughters…and I’ve ended up putting a lot of time into it myself. I got to the final boss battle and realized I had been rushing through so much that I really wasn’t powerful enough yet. So, I took a step back and started exploring more, doing side quests, trying to figure out the best weapons I could make, and how to beat the bosses that I couldn’t manage before (Stone Talus and Lynels). And damn has it become a whole new level of fun. It’s really as engrossing as Skyrim was for me.

I also played Dredge recently, and that’s definitely much more my typical kind of game. You can beat it in like 10-12 hours, there’s a decent story, and it involves fishing. Dave the Diver is just as good, but it’s a much longer and more involved game. I think I prefer Dredge when it comes down to it.

Last thought on games for the moment is that one of my all-time favorites, Helldivers, is getting a sequel in just a couple weeks. I don’t have the same gaming squad I had with the original, but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to find a few others to do that game justice.

Haha did exactly the same thing, rushed the end so I could finally 'start playing for real ’ after, and… I still haven’t beat Ganondorf.

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I got game pass because Persona 3 Reload is on it day one.
I’ve played through P5 and P4 originals but never beat P3, P3F or P3P.
Very solid remake of a foundational modern JRPG and I’m really liking all the additions/updates.
Even the new voices feels like a step up at times, no complaints so far.

I’m a big fan of Helldivers. The sequel just came out, and I can safely say the core gameplay makes it one of the best games I’ve ever played. Stunningly intense squad-based missions just like the first one but this is so much more immersive.

Finally finished Firewatch again. Still holds up. What I really appreciate about the ending is how it knows which threads to tie up and which ones to leave unresolved. It feels right for the very true to life, adult story they were telling that a lot stuff just doesn’t get resolved, or at least we’re not privy to it. It reminds me a lot of The Sopranos’ approach to storytelling, which also got some shit, but that said more about the kind of audience it gained, and how used they are to being spoonfed everything and how little patience they have for anything remotely elliptical, than the calibre of the people who made it, and the same goes for Firewatch.

let’s fucking goooooo

Very glad I held out on Pentiment coming to PS5.

we are so back

Balatro is fun. I just got through my first couple play throughs. Surprisingly deep synergies and interesting things to explore. Been looking for something to scratch the Slay the Spire itch and this is it.