tha gam3r z0ne

what are y’all playing rn? I never played the DLC for either Fallout 3 or New Vegas, but the GOTY versions arrived earlier today so I’m fixing that rn. I’m also finishing up Dark Souls 3 rn, with just have a handful of bosses and the Ringed City DLC to go.

other than that, I’m pretty pumped for Baldur’s Gate 3, but I have a pretty huge backlog to get through, and even then I’m always getting sidetracked from that with the occasional quick indie detour, the most recent being What Remains of Edith Finch, which absolutely floored me, so it’ll be a while before I get to it even though the early reviews are looking great.

i play nothing but thug pro. Tony hawk mod for pc highly recommend to those who want steezy combos to go along with their gizz.

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Still playing Tears of the Kingdom since the day it came out. There’s a sound whenever you use a certain feature that blows wind at your back that comes in handy often that reminds me of the “waah-whooooooooo” in A Journey to (s)hell.

Bought Pikmin 4 but starting a new game is so daunting just dealing with the first hour or so of tutorial.

I’m trying to play Ace Attorney right now, I’m just on the 2nd case of the first game though

I am always playing marvel snap these days but I’m also finishing up FF 16 AND as I’m just starting to dabble in BG3!!

been playing deep rock galactic and team fortress a lot recently! rock and stone!


I’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 3DS. I also just started playing Zelda Ocarina of Time. It’s my first time playing a Zelda game believe it or not lol

I’ve been really wanting to play guitar hero lately


I used to play a lot of team fortress. I really like catch the flag ?? Is that what it’s called?

I am incredibly jealous of your playing through the 3/NV DLC for the first time! FNV will always be one of my favorite games. It and 3 opened my young mind to the idea that a video game can be a medium to tell beautiful, horrific stories. If I may, I recommend playing the FNV DLC in release order to fully appreciate the building story. 3’s order doesn’t matter as much, but the FNV ones build a story that culminates beautifully at the end of the Lonesome Road.

Currently playing the hell out of Runescape and enjoying the necromancy skill that came out today. I’ve been playing it on and off for almost 20 years now. It’s true what they say: no one ever quits Runescape, they only take breaks!

Im still totally enamored with Tears of the Kingdom. Such a good game…

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Have fun with OOT. Also a really good game. Although guitar hero battles are hard to beat

yoo That game was beautiful. It was fun watching you play while I was over.

Phish DLC track pack FTW!

I’m not gaming much at all these days, but this is the only thing I’m playing. Really enjoying it of course, but also going back and forth mentally a bit wishing it was more different from BOTW, my mind will probably be made up when I finish the main questline haha.

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I’m a very biased pikmin fan, but Pikmin 4 is such a fucking gem once you get like 3 hours in. Starting definitely takes a while but they upped the accessibility big time. Probably my favorite game this year, above even TOTK.

I’ve played and loved all the Diablos, and the new one is no exception. I have a few complaints, and I’m not going to be putting a whole lot of time into it, but I just have a thing for running around and clicking on stuff.

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Pikmin 4 is worth it after the tutorial and very fun. The hand holding in the first hour goes away and they give you basically totally freedom to progress how you want.

The board game version of Deep Rock I kickstarted finally came in. Just a quality game in every media with great developers.

I am still working my way through Tears of the Kingdom. Think I’ll wrap up pretty soon though. Next up will probably be a bunch of indies from my backlog on my steam deck, and/or Pikmin 4.

Other than that I’ve been playing a lot of CSGO in anticipation of the CS2 release.

My husband and I both play ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) and we each have a whole pile of King Gizzard themed character names. If anyone else here plays, we’d love to group up!