teases within albums

i’m making breakfast this morning and listening to ‘murder of the universe’ today for day 10 of gizzmas. and i notice a trapdoor tease at the very end of ‘the balrog’ (~4:10)… how have i never noticed that before?!?!

i’ve picked up on a few obvious ‘pda’ teases on ‘the silver cord’ which stands to reason.
what other easter eggs have you found?

Hot Water tease in Robot Stop

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These things add an extra layer of difficulty to setlist notation, because if a tease is in the studio version of a song it isn’t considered a tease when played live, that’s just the way the song goes.


wow, how have i never made that connection? lol :man_facepalming::sweat_smile:

It took me a while to get that one too. I think it’s because it’s played slow on flute in one song and fast on guitar in the other.

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first time I heard to MotU, I thought “woah how cool would it be if they played this live and then transitioned straight into Trapdoor?!”

Was delightfully surprised at my first show to learn yes, they do in fact play this transition live.

i love trapdoor