Summer/Fall 2024 US Tour + Marathons

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Oops, this is a little clunkier than I thought it would look so I’m going to add a paragraph here.
King Gizz are returning to the US for Fall 2024 with four marathons and a ‘fat-stack’ of shows:



Eric’s original post:
Best venue I’ve ever been to. Hoping I can make it out for that one

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Shit, without knowing what other shows are happening adjacent to these kind of hard to plan. Do i need to buy tix for all until can figure out which segment makes most sense to plan out? Kind of feels like I do.


I’m feeling that way, too…How amazing it would be to see Gizz at the Gorge for my first time at that venue. I definitely have to try for Forest Hills. That’s the closest one to me.


Probably so, I wouldn’t think it’d be hard to unload any tix you end up not needing. For me I just need to know what the schedule on both sides of the Gorge looks like.


I will be at the Austin show. I am hoping they are doing a like a normal US tour alongside as well, because i want more lol. I really would love to see them in New Orleans with my irl gizzhead homies. I missed the chances to before /:

I wish that I can do all of these marathon shows honestly and I am upset I can’t haha ;~;

Also it’s so funny that the NY date is the same date as one of the phish festival days and also in the north east haha. They did it on purpose. Gotta them dirty wooks out of there!! /j

Announcement says they’re planning a “fat stack” of US shows and this is just advance notice of a few of the bigger ones, so yeah I’m expecting a full tour around/in between these four dates.


I was thinking along similar lines but it seems unlikely these will completely sell out before the rest of the tour announcement. At least, thats what I want to believe lol. So, I might wait…

So is it pit or bust for Chicago and Austin? I think it’s got to be pit or 100 levels or might as well wait until Friday or even later until rest of tour is announced. Definitely want floor tix for Forest Hills, but that should be easy given its size. And I assume Gorge is still 100% GA or is there a lousy VIP section on the side now or something like that?

There are indeed some reserved seats at the gorge these days

oh wow, looks like that moves up in priority then. I saw Phish there in 2003 and 2009 and I recall it being all GA. I know I have a bad memory, but can’t be that wrong.

Soo… safe bet they’re booked for Levitation 2024 right? Obviously the festival is not yet announced, but assuming it is still in Texas it should be shortly before this Austin marathon show.
I guess they thought King Gizz would announce that in the Gizzymail but then deleted their post when they realised that wasn’t going to happen, or they had just planned to delete it in the first place for hype.

Nothing against Phish, Trey, or the Phans, but it definitely seems like they are respectfully keeping their distance with this date clash and I think that’s the right thing to do.
Very similar with Tame Impala, and famous fans like Edgar Wright, they meet up, acknowledge its all cool but then keep to themselves.
Watch me eat my words with whatever comes of this MSG thing though lol.


Maybe? It’s typically in late October. They did post again once the marathon set was announced so I am wondering if the Austin show is some sort of “Presented by Levitation” or something. Maybe KGLW is too big to keep playing the smaller venues that Levitation usually does so they’ve got their own thing.

That said I would not complain at all if they were also part of the regularly scheduled Levitation '24 :smile:

Yeah, I saw Phish there in 2016 and it was all GA, but looking at the venue website it appears that it now has a standard amphitheater setup of GA pit, 100 level seats, 200 level seats, GA lawn. Gotta be on it at 8 AM tomorrow, hopefully they don’t hold back the good seats.

What tickets should I be grabbing for Northerly Island. I’ve never been but have hears mixed reviews.

OK they have it all GA for this show, only thing is floor vs lawn.

Got my floors + camping pass, woo!!!

I’m going to miss when tickets are no longer this easy. Got 2 pit each for Chicago and Austin and 2 floor for the Gorge. Looks like no floor left for NY, but I’m sure I can grab 2 on next on sale Friday or just wait see rest of tour. With Phish festival as conflict I don’t see the NY floor tickets too tough to get on secondary if really want them.

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One night only so I’m not bothering camping. I’m always amped after a show and can drive for a few hours.

I’m hearing rumors that a second night could be added. Just rumors though.

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got my chicago pit tickets! so stoked, surprised to see the venue split the floor up for GA pit and GA floor with different pricing… its a huge venue and usually its just all GA floor and then you have pavilions… wondering if they going to sell it out (not including lawn as they dont use it at the venue much)