streaming 5/22/22 video I put together, psychadelic lunacy

I compiled this video and filled the space with stuff that worked, I think any Gizz fan will appreciate this, the audio is great, and I think the imagery works wonderfully. ill be repeating 5/22/22 > 8.25.18 all day any maybe throw in the Osees show from Saturday night. its entertaining, i promise

Hell yeah! Gizz stream making Monday a lot less hateful. Thanks!

The visual overlay on this (and your other videos!) Fucking rule. :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

Thanks for sharing!

this is great stuff @Dankski. a little off-topic, but does anyone else remember nnJimmy’s Phish streams? he used to have crazy visuals like this. always wonder what happened to him.

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oh yeah, absolutely remember those nnJimmy setbreaks. I wish there were someplace to rewatch them. I also remember Danski doing setbreaks like that more recently.

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