Spring tour 2024 tickets resale thread

This thread is for people who are looking to sell/ buy tickets for the upcoming tour.

Personally I’m looking at getting the Liverpool and Edinburgh shows, so if any have a spare I’ll love to buy it off ya :heartpulse:


Hey, we’re happy to facilitate people finding each other for ticket resale on the forum, but as we are not a sanctioned resale service we must encourage anyone to use Cash or Trade, or Paypal Goods and Services for actual transactions.


Also to this point, we will not support the reselling of tickets that exceed face value. Under face is fine of course.

looking for tickets for Hamburg :slight_smile: I will be recording!

Selling my 2 tix (my friends have also2) to Prague show. I got the tickets early and while looking for flights I realized there is ice-hockey world champs full on in Prague that time. Flights from Helsinki were either full or ridiculously priced, so I had to get tickets and flights to Amsterdam instead. Anyone looking to save some money, there is 2+2 tickets half of the value.

need 2 for hamburg :pray:

Selling my 2 tickets for Bristol and 2 tickets for Brighton (sob). All general admission/standing. Prefer to sell then as a pair.
→ tickets are gone

Efforts for the intended UK trip are too high, glad I have Brussels, Offenbach and Hamburg safe (+ Berlin probably).

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have you sold those tickets yet? I’d love to get one of each :eyes:

Sorry, they’re gone by now :-/

I’ve got a spare seated ticket for the acoustic set at Brighton Dome if anyone else is interested? Would be looking for £35 if that’s all good (£33.50 face value + a share of the booking fees)

Im hoping to get there as close to 7 as possible if you wanna meet face to face or I can send it over. I’m working all day at Brighton Racecourse so can also meet somewhere real quick near there

Let me know!

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