Sports and Recreation Thread

As the dark winter months roll in here in middle America, I’ve been looking at ways to stay active and fend off the SAD. Also, i just really like outdoors stuff and have been trying to get more active, so lets get psyched for physical activity!

I have absolutely latched on to disc golf since I played during my visit to Denver in early November. I played ultimate frisbee for nearly ten years but never jumped on the frolf train for some reason. But I got to play at some of the beautiful Denver area courses and brought it back home. Bought way too much plastic for Gizz to be proud of me and sneak out at lunch to play as many holes as I can haha.

Anybody into pickleball? It isn’t huge in the midwest, and my main barrier has been finding a good play group. The local rec center has free play at like 9am-12pm on Tuesdays and Sundays but im afraid it will just all be old people and I’ll get thrashed lol. I’ve had people over twice my age woop me up and down the racquetball courts.

That’s mostly what I do in winter besides dance my ass off at shows. Got to the Pigeons Playing Ping Pong show this week, only for the opener to go on 20 minutes early and for PPPP to give us an extended encore. Four hours of dancing later and I might as well have gone on a hike!

What keeps you active and having fun? I’d love to hear about disc golf from some of our Scandinavian friends because I know its so big out there lol. And for our friends closer to the equator, maybe you can brag aboit your year long sun (or does it get annoying?).

Really just skateboarding for me. I started as a very unfit, inflexible adult, so a few years in now and every session is still basically starting over.
But I’ve never taken to full-body exercise like this before either, so its the good kind of battle.

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I’ve been really into fly fishing for about a dozen years. My life has become so busy that I can’t get out nearly every weekend (sometimes weekdays, too) like I used to. Still, if I have free time, I head out to a river to catch some trout or smallmouth bass. I tie my own flies, as well, which adds a fun element to it all. That allows me to use only barbless hooks to do as little damage to the fish as possible.

I’m fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful states in America with some of the best fishing, and this obsession has had me out exploring so many places most Pennsylvanians never experience.