Songs that they dont really jam but should

Everyone knows when they start playing Dripping Tap or Head On/Pill we are gonna get some funky stuff going on.

Whats a song that they play that you’d be like “holy shit this is still […]!!!”

My vote totally goes towards Oddlife or some other microtonal song. Would be really cool to see extended microtonal jamming.

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Off the back of this microtonal suggestion, the title Track from Flying Microtonal Banana could be a great basis for some instrumental jamming.
Then there are the other possibilities of instrumental coda-style tracks like Short Change, Paper Mache and Sketches Of Brunswick East I-III.


Sea of Trees is a solid jam and has had such a glowup live but we dont see it too much. It had a good showing in '22 (6 plays) but looking at '23, much worse (2 plays)

But it’s Lucas’ favortie song… it deserves more play time!