Songs That Freak Out My Dog

I’m compiling a list of songs that my dog doesnt like. He’s usually very very chill (especially with the amount of music I play), so its often of note when he perks his head up or barks. He isnt actually freaked out or scared or anything, he just thinks he “hears a noise”. Which is odd, because we can watch action and horror movies while he’s snoring away on the couch

So far, we’ve got:

Paper Mache - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Undoer - Geese
Perm Act - Thee Oh Sees (just now)

And before you think I’m abusing my dog with Pavlovian like experiments, here he is sleeping against my leg by the end of Social Butt directly after Perm Act.

Are there any songs you cant play around your pets? Any they like?

It can be hard to tell with my cat, but I’m sure I’ve noticed a reaction to Death Grips before which is understandable.


this is making me freak out

“Never could be any other way”

Oop, we had to turn Badi Sabah Olmadan by Altin Gun off. Too much barking.

I have an 8 yr-old lab that is basically unflappable. Free jazz, noise, weird classical, he doesn’t seem to mind anything.

Dont got a pupper yet but my roommates cat like genuinely likes phish. She is like all attentive and sits infront of the speaker for it hahaha its kinda crazy.

What’s your roommate’s cat’s take on “Harpua”?

She gets scared. Thankfully her names not Posternutbag.

Her name is Lucy tho and weirdly she loves Carini…