Sexism in the Gizz Fandom

Today, I really feel compelled to make this post to bring awareness to this issue. Thankfully, I’ve never felt mistreated for being a woman in here. I’m in this King Gizzard shitposting group on Facebook ( already a cesspool of a platform ik). It was really upsetting to see tons of males shit on this one woman in there as a “joke”. To sum it up, I think she originally posted a picture with Cookie and in the caption she was like “I don’t look good in this” , which is apparently an open invitation for men to make her into a joke. Then they continued to make memes about her. She went on to explain how much misogyny she’s already faced in the community like getting gropped in the pit or men saying “protect her in the pit”. Just A lot of weird behavior from men rooted in misogyny ignorance. Their response to her opening up about that …. Sending her the same meme they posted in the first place basically that was implying whatever. Barely anyone is sticking up for her and men keep adding to the joke.

It made me really uncomfortable as a woman to see so many men acting ignorant to a woman and getting away with it because it’s “funny”. Please men … hahaha it’s a woman is not a funny joke and never will be. Yucky misogynistic behavior is not funny unless you’re an ignorant man. It’s especially upsetting to see it happen in a community I’m so heavily involved. Plus the band advocates against stuff like this… Even though it wasn’t happening to me , I felt like uncomfortable to be a women in that space. Sadly, Ignorance is prevalent everywhere.

I’m posting this as a reminder that this behavior exists in this community and it needs to be addressed. If we’re not talking about it, it’s going unchecked. If you’re a man, don’t give into the joke. Help stand up for us women. It means a lot. It helps us more than you can realize.


Thank you. <3

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You’re welcome. It needs to be said.


I left the King Gizzard shitposting group. The culture there is super toxic and not what I come to this band for. They take any opportunity to roast people even if it’s not appropriate and talk shit about the jam band fans that are part of the Gizz crowd now. There are some other King Gizzard groups on FB that are cooler, and the subreddit is cool too. Sorry that happened.


Yeah I’ve noticed that too. I don’t interact much in there, but I just like some of the memes

They have funny memes every once in a while, but in my experience it’s mostly just people saying the opposite of what they think and acting like that’s funny somehow. I’ve only stayed because there is funny stuff every once in a while but I had no idea it was this bad in there. Gonna go unsubscribe now, I have no desire to be associated with a group that accepts this kind of behavior.


jesus christ that’s awful.

it might seem like there’s been a lot of progress w/r/t stuff like this (and in some ways there has, I’m pleasantly surprised at how the crowds at shows I go to are getting more diverse every time) but there’s still a fairly blatant culture of gatekeeping, misogyny etc. present. Case in point: I still remember the response a few years ago when there were grooming and assault allegations against Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend/Time Crisis; you’d be surprised how many people in an otherwise fairly liberal fanbase came to his defense and were basically doing sexual assault apologia. This was on Reddit and Discord btw, so this isn’t just happening on platforms that trend older and conservative like Facebook; it’s everywhere to some extent and it needs to be stamped out.


Yup! The shitposting group is extremely toxic.
I was having a REALLY bad time at Red Rocks this year because i kept running into my ex who was EXTREMELY abusive and tried to narc out a lot of my friends.
The group didnt seem to care that they were present, in the group, and they began to mock me for being abused and being triggered by seeing them.
That was the last straw that motivated me to finally quit facebook altogether because until then i really felt a connection to the weirdo swarm.
Fuck facebook. Fuck the shitposting group.

Ew what the fuck… that’s disgusting they would mock you for that !! I don’t even see how that’s funny to someone. I’m so sorry that happened.

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Sorry that happened, I hope we can help bring that feeling back for you.

It’s literally named Shitposting. It’s gross but at least it literally has a warning. Get out and never look back. That group does not = the Gizz fanbase.

Just because it’s called shitposting doesn’t excuse the behavior or make it acceptable. Shitposting is not a warning for misogyny. Shitposting implies funny memes not ignorant behavior. I did leave after this.
Sadly, Like it or not, These people are apart of the Gizz community and it does reflect a darker part of our scene. If you deny that, then you’re failing to see where we need to do better and struggles women face in this community.


Thank you for sharing this. It makes me so angry that assholes like these DARE partake in gizz fandom that we are so enthusiastic about. You’d think the level of effort the band take to be inclusive would filter these fuckers out.

I remember reading a reddit thread (back when I still reddited) about assholes in the pit groping and being otherwise creepy. Gonna be honest it kinda bummed me, a 39 year old bald and beared straight man, the fuck out. I cannot begin to imagine how bad this must feel, it’s absolutely unfair to y’all to feel uncomfortable at a gizzard show… Should be the happiest goddamn place on earth. Of course this goes even further beyond just that…

Jeff Rosenstock he always has a little speech at the beginning warning about this (in first couple seconds of this song):

When he said that my wife looked at me and I could just see how much that meant to her that he addressed it that way. It doesn’t make her or anyone completely comfortable or safe but it’s better than most other options.

I definitely will be at the NY and Austin shows. I know it’s not much and I’ll post here where I’ll be and if anyone feels unsafe come get me and we’ll make sure you’re ok.

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Absolutely agree here, calling misogyny shitposting is still misogyny.


Same here. If you feel harassed and/or unsafe at a show (or anywhere else I happen to be for that matter) I got your back.

Wow, TIL. Apologies for submitting VW for the album club thing, I somehow never heard about this. :disappointed_relieved:

I completely agree with @lucid 's response to this. Because we have a “shitposting” thread here on the forum, the only thing I would like to add is that misogyny (or any other anti-social discrimination) is not tolerated there.
This is already specified in the FAQ, and no veil of irony or contradiction excuses it.

Thank you Lucid for bringing this discussion here. Like many others I have moved on from Facebook almost completely so I wouldn’t have known this happened otherwise. Of course it happens on lots of platforms (and in basically any music fandom), so being lucky enough to not be personally subject to it my hope is that the King Gizz fandom could be a space where it is totally mitigated, which can only happen through calling it out and openly discussing it.


Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen <3 I was scared that this post may get taken the wrong way or something, but I’m glad that we can have an open discussion about these things. The support is very much appreciated and it’s good to see everyone stepping up to the plate to do their part.


We absolutely should be loudly and forcefully rejecting bigotry of all kinds. It is the least that we can do. If we don’t make the bigots feel unwelcome they will weasel their way in, and there’s no way we’re having that. Gizz fans against misogyny! Anyone who thinks this isn’t important can see themselves out.


FB is a cesspool. Nobody should have to put up with that.

Been a fan of this band since ‘17, but didn’t get to see them until this year (Carnation shows). Aside from the band crushing, I was so impressed with how awesome the crowd was. Hope it remains that way.