Road Train +

I really like listening to the last couple or few tracks of some of the albums- Rat’s Nest, and Nanagon especially.

More than a few times after Road Train, right after the song abruptly ends, my music app has for whatever reason chosen to then immediately play Catching Smoke. And it’s just really great and i think its a cool transition.

Are there any other unusual match ups between two songs on different albums that people like to put together on playlists?

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It still blows my mind how they used Some Context and the IIYMF Suite bass to allow seamless transitions between MOTU, Nonagon and IIYMF.
Also the wind sound at the start of Rattlesnake always sounds cool after any fade-out ending.

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I did not know about all that please explain?

You can try it here:

But basically, Some Context > Mr Beat then a full Nonagon loop to People-Vultures > The Reticent Raconteur > The Lord Of Lightning > The full IIYMF Suite > The Balrog.
You can basically connect all three albums into one, which the rest of the playlist does a bit of + some other Gizzverse songs.

Wow very cool! I did not know that