Question about subcategories/more structure in the Gizzverse

I think the Gizzverse category can seem a bit overloaded/chaotic.
Is there a way to add subcategories like “concert”, “album”, “news” and similar for some more structure
or should tags be used for this?

I originally proposed splitting it up into “Studio Gizz” and “Live Gizz” but the consensus seemed to be just one big category for gizz. Thoughts on splitting it in 2 @AlteredBeef?

Could start with some tags and then reify the more useful ones into categories later on if it makes sense?

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there’s already tags, but it seems they’ve largely fallen out of use.

I’m for splitting it.

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I’m agnostic on it, I’m fine with either honestly. Will throw up a poll here to see what people. Final approval still rests with @AlteredBeef obviously tho.

  • Keep categories as-is
  • Add Live Gizz category
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If we had Live Gizz and Studio Gizz as our two categories instead of Gizzverse, where would the important post from today on misogyny in the scene go? Are we saying we’d add Live Gizz and Studio Gizz while keeping Gizzverse? I’d be more in favor of that because it’d catch what doesn’t fit neatly into live or studio.

Whatever we do, I like the idea of having Gizzverse remain as a category for any Gizz-related topics that don’t fit under Live/Studio or whatever else.

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I think it would be best to split it into:

  • Live Gizz: Threads explicitly about shows, tours, live jams, live albums etc.
  • Gizzverse: Everything else gizz-related (albums, community, merch etc.)
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Is it possible to do sub-categories? I do like that better but not sure if it’s doable.

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Kinda, in that you can have one category be the “parent” category of another. It isn’t worth very much though cos it doesn’t integrate well with the sidebar, so you’re basically just adding more categories.

I could get behind “Gizzverse” and “Live Gizz” if that’s what most people prefer.

A shame that it doesn’t integrate very well.

In that case encouraging the use of tags might be something we want to encourage?

And for me “Gizzverse” would kind of need to stay the all encompassing category (that is the Gizzverse after all), so that’s why I brought up “sub” categories rather than “full blown” categories of their own.

My main concern is discoverability, especially when this forum grows and becomes even more active.