Praise Gaia

Like a lot of Gizz fans, I enjoy spending time outdoors. I’m also lucky to live in a place that’s got a lot to offer a nature lover. I bet a lot of us have some nice local scenery to share, too. Let’s post nature photos.

This one is a stream in central Pennsylvania. The only thing missing is a bald eagle.


I’m also blessed to be near beautiful rivers, here are two spots that are meaningful to me:


The first is part of the Colorado River that runs through town. The second is a natural cold spring-fed pool in the heart of town. It runs through to a creek which eventually flows into the Colorado.


Very nice photos. This is wilderness in New Hampshire - pretty inspiring. See y’all in Chicago in September!


I love California…. this is Donner Lake, pretty close to Lake Tahoe


Added nature

The Mighty Susquehanna


Mt Diablo state park. Check for ticks yall


“I live byyy the riveee-er”


That river is looking pretty swollen. You must have had a good bit of rain. Mind saying which river it is?

I call it Isonzo

Nice!! I’m currently by a little Slovak river that is giving me good feelings and making me further realize how connected we all are through our waterways. Mine right now is the Laborec in eastern Slovakia. I’ll post a pic when I get a good one.


like a ri-iver

Giuseppe Ungaretti
*Cotici, il 16 agosto 1916*

Mi tengo a quest’albero mutilato
Abbandonato in questa dolina
Che ha il languore
Di un circo
Prima o dopo lo spettacolo
E guardo
Il passaggio quieto
Delle nuvole sulla luna

Stamani mi sono disteso
In un’urna d’acqua
E come una reliquia
Ho riposato

L’Isonzo scorrendo
Mi levigava
Come un suo sasso
Ho tirato su
Le mie quattro ossa
E me ne sono andato
Come un acrobata

Mi sono accoccolato
Vicino ai miei panni
Sudici di guerra
E come un beduino
Mi sono chinato a ricevere
Il sole

Questo è l’Isonzo
E qui meglio
Mi sono riconosciuto
Una docile fibra

Il mio supplizio
È quando
Non mi credo
In armonia

Ma quelle occulte
Che m’intridono
Mi regalano
La rara

Ho ripassato
Le epoche
Della mia vita

Questi sono
I miei fiumi

Questo è il Serchio
Al quale hanno attinto
Duemil’anni forse
Di gente mia campagnola
E mio padre e mia madre.

Questo è il Nilo
Che mi ha visto
Nascere e crescere
E ardere d’inconsapevolezza
Nelle distese pianure

Questa è la Senna
E in quel suo torbido
Mi sono rimescolato
E mi sono conosciuto

Questi sono i miei fiumi
Contati nell’Isonzo

Questa è la mia nostalgia
Che in ognuno
Mi traspare
Ora ch’è notte
Che la mia vita mi pare
Una corolla
Di tenebre

This mutilated tree gives
Me support, left in this pot-hole
It has the bitterness of a circus
Before or after the show.
I watch
The quiet passage of
Clouds over the moon.

This morning I stretched
Myself in an urn of water,
Like a relic, and rested.

The Isonzo scoured
Me like
One of its stones.

I pulled my four
limbs together,
And went, like an acrobat,
Over the water.

Crouched by my clothes
Fouled with war, I inclined
My head, like a Bedouin,
To receive the sun.

This is the Isonzo.
And it is there I
Most see myself
In the universe
A compliant

My pain is
When I do not believe
Myself in harmony.

But those hidden
Hands give as they knead me
A rare joy.

I have relived
The stages of my life.

The Serchio: from
Which have drawn, perhaps
For two thousand years
My country people, my father,
My mother.

This is the Nile
That has seen me be born,
And grow
And burn in ignorance on
Extending plains.

This is the Seine; and I mingled
In that muddiness learning each
Part of all myself.

These are my rivers confluent
In the Isonzo.

This is my nostalgia
That in each
One shines through me, now
It is night, and my life seems
A budding
Off of shades.

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Pieniny Národní Park on the Slovak/Polish border. If you look closely, you can see the traditional rafts coming down the river guided by Goral raftmen who pole their way down. We floated down and hiked back up.