Post Tour Palate Cleanse

Is something I like to do before diving back into the full glory of what just transpired. Here’s my starting point this time; anyone else into any good non-Gizz stuff ATM?

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Weirdly (for me) I’m coming down off Gizz with that 90s alt power/pop punk period of The Offspring, Wheatus, and a bit of Ween.

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I decided to give Geese another try. They haven’t grabbed me yet but I’m only a couple of tracks into 3D Country again.

I did three hours of driving yesterday and listened to some live Bob Dylan from 2001 instead of reslistening to shows from tour. I did listen to Brussels, the tour opener, on my drive home.

The new Thou record is excellent, but an intense listen (especially all the way through).

Also been enjoying the vibes of the new BADBADNOTGOOD releases. Very summery.

Checking out this year’s crop of Freak Valley Fest videos. It’s really one of the world’s top psych fests IMO; anything that goes down there has a much better than average chance of being awesome.

Hearing this band for the first time here, pretty good. I dig it.

Love Geese, 3D Country is a great record. Hope you find some enjoyment in it at some point!