People we meet at the shows

I thought of a wonderful idea and created this thread for staying in touch with the people we meet at King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard concerts.

It is hard to exchange personal information at events for me. I’m also not active on all the different socmedia sites. But as our Gizz family grows I’d like to stay connected to all the beautiful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and make it possible to see them again at future shows.

If you met someone at a show and you’d like to connect with them on here, give a little descriptive info that is considered consensual so that they may recognize it if they choose to search.

Here it goes:

Alice, we met while in line at the Record Fair at Permanent Records. It was wonderful to chat while we waited and I look forward to meeting up at future Gizz events.
Stay in touch,
Dave (in the pink tie-dye)

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There was a tall dude right in front of the soundboard night one of the TN Caverns. He had the countdown timer from the marathon shows running on his phone to hype up the crowd. I don’t have much to say except he was a fun, nice guy and clearly appreciated being there.

Did you get Jason to sign your posters? You did ask him politely :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anyone going to be at the show at Splendour on Saturday?

That question deserves its own thread if you are going.

met a complete fucking dweeb from the gizzcord at my live show, was funny since it was my first time ever meeting someone online irl xD

Hey! Most of us resemble that remark!

If Newt and any of the Canada crew are on here, Dave from Red Rocks 11/2/22 says hi!

Any interesting people stories from the Euro tour so far?

At Red Rocks I was sitting in line outside the venue between the day show and evening show. I was dehydrated, about to go into hangry hulk mode due to hunger, and more sunburned than I’ve probably ever been and the only food option to keep me alive was the Chic-Fil-A tent. Some girl walked by and proceeded to loudly berate me and my husband for eating Chic-Fil-A. I believe she told me that the band would be ashamed of me for supporting their hatred. I get it, they suck and I try not to support them but its not my fault it was the only option. A big shout out to the group sitting next to me who stood up for us and reminded them that a) that bad decision is on Red Rocks for having a contract with them and b) lets all be nice, its a long day and we don’t need to attack each other for simply eating a crappy chicken sandwich. Thanks to those KGLW homies! <3

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j/k lol :grinning:

Still thinking of the guy I saw in the crowd at Splendour right on the edge of the pit at the end of The Dripping Tap, just standing still and eating an apple. Important to keep up your energy at shows!

Shout out to Richard from the US (who is touring Europe and will see six more shows this tour :exploding_head: :firecracker:)!

I met this sweet couple at the caverns meet up but forgot to get their instagram or something ;-;
She was selling a print she made for the show. It was like a moth woman.

If the random strangers who split a whole pizza with me during Columbus '22 in the rain just to get the discount over individual slices are here, I love you and I’ll never forget you.

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz