Oddments category name?

So like the album, is Oddments in the bottom tier of category names? Or, like the album, is Oddments a super underrated category name, and actually low-key top tier? Can you think of anything better?

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I will not stand for this slander against Oddments!!

(…how about Outlandish?)

Open Water. Or Steve. We could name it Steve.

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So they have three albums like that with similar names. What about ‘Oddment Soup’, or ‘Omni-ments’?

I think we should call it the Vomit & Shit Fetish category but that’s just me.

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paris hilton thats hot GIF

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Can we make it so the tags display in the order added instead of alphabetical?

from a cursory look in the settings, it doesn’t look like it. there is one for changing the order in the sidebar list though.

Damn. I have a burning desire to make silly sentences out of them like fridge magnets, lol.

Can anyone add tags to thread started by someone else, or is that just a moderator feature? If its a moderator feature, i’d recommend against it. If anyone can do it, its interesting but also seems unusual imo.

I like Open Water, but I still think Oddments fits better.

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Yeah I’m fine with either one. Or whatever else fits.

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Agreed, just kicking the tires on the place.

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