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It seems like every week we add a handful of interviews to The list just keeps growing! ITT I’ll post new-to-the-site sources as they are added. If you have an interview that you think we’re missing, please double-check against this list (Pages / Interviews / - and if we are indeed missing it, please post a link to the interview here or DM me. Happy reading!

That Eyes Like the Sky 2 plot has me up at night lol. It would have been wild.

More ELTS content, for those who hunger.

Two more were added yesterday, with a whole bunch in the pipeline for the next few days.

Pg. 20: Brag#531 by Furst Media - Issuu

Pg. 15: Rip It Up / Oct 24 - Oct 30 by Rip It Up Publishing - Issuu

Two more. Watch for further updates today and tomorrow!

pg. 23: Beat 1521 by Furst Media - Issuu

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Some interviews added to the archive today:

And here are three more that will soon be added. We are in need of translators, so if anyone reading the forum has the time and ability to translate from Spanish and/or Dutch, we’d love to hear from you.

You say you want some more? Well here’s some more:

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Stu and Eric talk gear