New features in the Forum

Reactions on a post! Hover over the thumbs-up to see other reactions.

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whee, “GIF” button in the editor toolbar!

cat spinning GIF

Roller Coaster Love GIF by Fleischer Studios

loop space GIF by Psyklon

south park GIF

Man, some of these are intense.
simpsons otto GIF

sweet scratch GIF

nut GIF

Light & Dark themes!

toggle light mode and dark mode

look for either the “sun” :sunny: or “moon” :crescent_moon: icon in the top-right to toggle.

(if it stays the same when you toggle, look in your Prefs > Interface panel and ensure that the “Regular” color scheme is e.g. Solarized Light and the “Dark” one is Solarized Dark)

Woo! Very glad to see that implemented.

:notes: When Miss Moon lays down
And Sir Sun stands up :notes:

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