New Bullant Track Dropped

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Pretty dope, I dig it!

Oh I absolutely love this and it’s right up my alley. I feel like there’s some influence from different genres of electronic in here. It’s more like house at first. And I hear it being drums and bass-y too. I love the drums he decided to use too. It reminds me of a drum circle and feels very soulful. I feel like the other stuff I listen to by Bullant was more like techno-ish.
Idk I really like this !!! I hope he makes some more like this !!

Also things don’t need genre labels or anything. It’s just meant to be listened to. It’s just super interesting!!!


Thanks for posting this! I really dig it.

I have been hearing about Bullant for a minute now but can someone school me on them? Is it just Joey or what?

Its interesting what he does with genres. Each song on the three double singles from earlier this year sounded like it own little experiment into a different sound and vibe, I hope that was him bringing it all together for this coming album.


I believe it’s just Joey

Vinyl album’s up on Gizzverse.