music to unload a $12 miller lite to

during a show, one thing that i think about and plan for is going to the bathroom. as much as i want to sip on 3 beers during their set, i abstain because i’m there for the show and i don’t want to miss anything. however, even the best plans can sometimes go awry.

so i’m curious, what songs do you weirdos unload your bladder to during a set? have you heard ‘the dripping tap’ enough times to risk missing a legendary jam? does amby’s call and response during ‘straws’ send you running to the can? have you been kicked in the head enough times during ‘planet b’ to wriggle out of the ‘mosh pit’ (:roll_eyes:) long enough to take a lizzy wizz? would you consider adult diapers if you came back during the last 30 seconds of ‘intrasport’? :sweat_smile:

i think ‘rattlesnake’ is the only song i’d risk missing.

Replace beer with LSD. Problem solved.