May 30, 2024 • Bristol Beacon · Bristol, England

Setlist thread for the 12th show of the 2024 European tour and third King Gizzard show in Bristol (first since 2016).

England Show History

Show Time: Doors 7:00pm BST, Grace Cummings ~7:45pm BST, King Gizzard ~8:45-10:45pm BST (3:45pm EST, 12:45pm PST, 5:45am AEDT)

Stream: Streamus (Facebook), Dankskivision (Twitch)

  1. The Silver Cord [w/ Extinction quotes] →
  2. Extinction →
  3. Gondii [w/ Extinction quotes and The Grim Reaper teases and quotes] ^a
  4. Supercell
  5. Organ Farmer
  6. Dragon
  7. Flamethrower
  8. Ice V →
  9. Hypertension
  10. Evil Death Roll
  11. Work This Time
  12. Pleura
  13. Billabong Valley

a. A transition to The Grim Reaper was aborted and the song was skipped.

We will use this thread to coordinate how we record the full setlist, including teases and other show notes. If you hear a tease, please leave a reply and note which song it occurred within.

Poster by @AmyJeanArt:


Tonight is when we get Her and I right?

Edit: Right after hitting post I realized there is quite literally an acoustic show tomorrow lol. Just give me Superbug tonight.

mycelium quotes in tap last night we’re getting mycelium i can feel it in my bones /hj


in all seriousness they really should try to play some of IDPMLAL (whatever) that’s not just Iron Lung, Ice v, and magma, although those are all amazing live. I’d love to hear mycelium, hell’s itch, gliese, and lava. I know they haven’t played lava in a while

I didn’t see tomoms or gong for proper LAVA this tour. Think its a smaller kit.

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It’s actually a bit bigger but missing the rototoms and gong. He could make it work with the other toms and china, maybe

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Hoping we get a stream. Pre-show jazz spinning on my side:
Mal Waldron Quintet, Hard Talk


I won’t inundate everybody, but I gotta post this one too because it thumps so damn hard.

Frank Lowe, “Chu’s Blues” (from the album Fresh)


They’re on! * false alarm* sorry

Streamus shows a still of the synth table being rolled out


ohhh shit.

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Synth table

Working out some last minute kinks? (Loving this CCR)


they could be fixing something ig, not sure

we love to see the table!

Also loving the new look - nice job team


getting into it now


They just flashed a fishie face 100%. TSC → Cyboogie would end me y’all.


anyone else’s stream breaking up badly rn?

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