May 26, 2024 • Liverpool Olympia · Liverpool, England

Setlist thread for the ninth show of the 2024 European tour and third King Gizzard show in Liverpool.

Liverpool Show History

Show Time: Doors 7:00pm BST, Upchuck ~8:00pm BST, King Gizzard ~9:00-11:00pm BST (4:00pm EST, 1:00pm PST, 6:00am AEDT)

Stream: Facebook

  1. Gamma Knife
  2. People Vultures
  3. Mr. Beat
  4. Ice V
  5. Raw Feel
  6. The Dripping Tap
  7. Nuclear Fusion
  8. Honey
  9. O.N.E.
  10. All is Known
  11. Straws in the Wind
  12. Perihelion
  13. Predator X
  14. Dragon
  15. Gila Monster

We will use this thread to coordinate how we record the full setlist, including teases and other show notes. If you hear a tease, please leave a reply and note which song it occurred within.

Poster by @AmyJeanArt:

Pre-Show Entertainment:
London Recap


Lonely Steel Sheet Flyer is my call…woo!

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First time seeing them! Hope we get some synths


Any news on the opener?

how many motor spirit teases we getting today


They cant keep getting away with it

London recap for pre-show reading. (If you see a typo, tell me!)


Selfishly holding out for no Dragon tonight so they play it tomorrow in Edinburgh.

Have they played Grim Reaper or Sadie Sorceress this tour?

no grim reaper or sadie… honestly would be suprised if they did reaper with the new synth which seems a lot more complex, and they played it a ton last tour as well. sadie could be possible though but its rare anyways

Think we’re getting a You Never Give Me Your Money > Sun King > Mean Mr. Mustard > Polythene Pam > She Came In Through The Bathroom Window today.

Anyways I’m shocked there wasn’t any Hypertension/Gaia yesterday, especially surprised that Dripping Tap didn’t show up. Seems like they’re moving away from it. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if any show up today. My risky bet is that Swan Song is tonight.


no shes so heavy???

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Mmm interesting, just came across my mind when I was thinking what I’d like to hear tomorrow. The rap songs seemed to be a solid centrepiece of the US tour.

grim reaper yea but the last sadie was 2023-3-23, and the last us one was red rocks '22

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Poster tonight is maybe my fav of the tour so far

bad news… likely no stream today

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Someone in the comments named Stephanie said she’ll try to go live. Fingers crossed.

I hope a stream comes through! Didn’t realize we’re again an hour later EST today. More time for pre-show spins, I guess.

Damn, do we still not know who the opener is?

Hopefully it’s Grace Cummings. She’s billed to open but has missed a few shows due to illness.