May 22, 2024 • Stadtpark Open Air · Hamburg, Germany

Setlist thread for the first marathon show of 2024, sixth show of the 2024 European tour, and fourth King Gizzard show in Hamburg.

Germany Show History (No previous Hamburg setlists currently known to

Show Time: Doors 5:00pm CEST, King Gizzard ~6:45pm CEST (12:30pm EST, 9:30am PST, 5:30pm BST, 3:30am AEDT)

Stream: Streamus

  1. Float Along - Fill Your Lungs [w/ Motor Spirit jam w/ lyrics]
  2. People Vultures >
  3. Mr. Beat [w/ Hot Water tease, Theia jam w/ lyrics, and Motor Spirit quotes] →
  4. Evil Death Roll [w/ Theia tease and Witchcraft teases]
  5. Iron Lung [w/ Hot Water teases]
  6. Hot Water [w/ Third Stone From the Sun tease, Gondii tease, and Flamethrower teases] →
  7. Trapdoor
  8. Hypertension [w/ Work This Time tease]
  9. Work This Time
  10. Le Risque
  11. The Silver Cord^a
  12. Mars for the Rich
  13. Organ Farmer
  14. Supercell
  15. Converge >
  16. Witchcraft
  17. Gaia^b →
  18. Motor Spirit >
  19. Gaia

a. Debut.
b. Contained Drum Solo.

We will use this thread to coordinate how we record the full setlist, including teases and other show notes. If you hear a tease, please leave a reply and note which song it occurred within.

Poster by @AmyJeanArt:

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Predicting Robot Stop > Wasp > Gamma > Vultures, and Head On/Pill


TSC, Motor Spirit, Le Risque soundcheck legit? Hells yeah


Throw road train in there too

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Sounds good to me!

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Hey team! First time poster, long time fan and occasional lurker. Looking forward to watching the show with you all.

Would love to see some TSC ↔ PDA medleys appear tonight!

Flamethrower → Extinction opener…?


I won’t be able to hop on the stream until the last 15 minutes, if i even do that… so I’ll be lurking and posting on this thread. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Soundcheck is now listing TSC, Motor, Le Risque, Sad Pilot, and Swansong!!!


In light of the rain…cheeky Blame it on the Weather and/or Lord of Lightning?


they haven’t done blame it in over a year sadly, need it to return

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perfect time then!

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I’m not on the stream. Have they started yet? 16 minutes ago was start time, right?

So is the show delayed?

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show was planned to be at :45 turns out

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Thanks. Guess that means they’re coming on shortly.

fafyl opener?

feels like it

Hell yeah. Kinda hope they just give us a nice long normal FAFYL instead of with the metal jam

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" I saw you way up in the clouds, and I felt you inside ??? crowd" ?