May 20, 2024 • Columbiahalle · Berlin, Germany

Setlist thread for the fifth show of the 2024 European tour and eighth King Gizzard show in Berlin (second at Columbiahalle!).

Germany Show History

Show Time: Doors 6:30pm CEST, Grace Cummings 8:00pm, King Gizz ~9:00-11:00pm (3:00pm EST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm BST, 5:00am AEDT)

Stream: Streamus

  1. Extinction^a → [w/ Gondii tease]
  2. Gondii^a [w/ Extinction teases and quotes]
  3. Magma
  4. The Dripping Tap [w/ Sad Pilot teases] →
  5. Sad Pilot >
  6. The Dripping Tap [w/ Motor Spirit quotes and Witchcraft tease]
  7. The River [w/ Wah Wah teases and quotes and Extinction tease] ^b →
  8. Wah Wah [w/ The River teases and Extinction teases and quotes]
  9. Let Me Mend the Past
  10. Doom City
  11. Planet B
  12. Flamethrower
  13. Gila Monster [w/ Dragon tease]

a. Live debut.
b. Unfinished.

We will use this thread to coordinate how we record the full setlist, including teases and other show notes. If you hear a tease, please leave a reply and note which song it occurred within.

Poster by @AmyJeanArt:


Stage photo from the Gizzcord server (though it might be from Streamus’ page). Synths are up, so… go absolutely nuts on setlist predictions, I guess. :​)


This was my prediction this morning but in light of the synths being on stage:

Magenta Mountain (despite it being played last time), Shanghai, Synthy-Sense, and Theia are my new predictions.


Looks like no Grace Cummings tonight either. Anyone know who the replacement opener is?

Cosey Mueller is the replacement opener for Grace today:

Oh - she is on the board in the middle now. Perhaps we aren’t getting synths after all

Yo yo yooooo what up freaky peoples of the world !!!

Synths on stage you say?!!!? WooOooo

Stupid question maybe so they didn’t bring them to South America does that mean no older synth stuff was played either while they were there? I know nothing of silver cords been played yet but no synths = no synth stuff at all previous to today ?

No BF3K or even Magenta Mountain in South America iirc

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I’m back at work for the week, won’t be able to participate in real time very much. I’ll check in if I notice anything noteworthy.

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I lucked out with a free/mandatory mental health day off today. Gonna be hard for me to make the Marathon stream later this week

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Yeah, Wednesday is my busiest day this week, probably gonna miss the marathon live stream completely. :sob:


You guys think a stream will be available again today?!

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Yeah Streamus is already streaming the opener

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Cosey Mueller is a pretty unique opener for Gizz. They really get an eclectic lineup of openers for their tours.

Magenta Mountain was played last time so I think that’s out. Shanghai seems like a good guess and with the new synths, it might be nuts. The Dripping Tap and The River are very likely tonight. I have a feeling they’re going five for five on debuts. I’m guessing Extinction.

Shits about to go down tonight get ready

Agree on Extinction, the time has come

She was fun! I wish I hadn’t lapsed on my German language studies :sob:

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The amount of hype around having the synth out there might be show note worthy only half joking


Magenta has been absent since England 9/3/23 IIRC, wouldn’t be surprised if they played it