May 18, 2024 • Forum Karlin - Prague, Czechia

[Setlist Thread] May 18, 2024 @ Forum Karlin · Prague, Czechia

Show Poster by Amy Jean

Venue info

Stream - Streamus

Show Time: Doors 6:30pm CEST, Grace Cummings 8:00pm, King Gizz ~9-11pm (3pm EST, 12pm PST, 8pm BST, 5am AEDT)


  1. Rattlesnake^a →

  2. Honey^b

  3. Open Water^c

  4. Pleura

  5. Ice V^d →

  6. Cut Throat Boogie^e

  7. Most of What I Like^f

  8. Lord of Lightning >

  9. Alter Me I >

  10. Lord of Lightning^g →

  11. I’m In Your Mind >

  12. I’m Not In Your Mind^h >

  13. Cellophane^i >

  14. I’m In Your Mind Fuzz^j

  15. Mars For The Rich

  16. The Great Chain of Being

  17. Dragon

  18. Motor Spirit

a. Introduced as a song about snakes, Honey tease, Doom City tease

b. Sleep Drifter tease

c. With Drum Solo

d. With Drum Solo, Cut Throat Boogie tease

e. Sad Pilot tease, Jam with lyrics from unreleased song

f. Praise You tease and Sweet Home Alabama quote

g. Hypertension tease

h. Robot Stop tease

i. Motor Spirit tease and quotes

j. Grace Cummings shout out after


Gotta be a big microtonal section. Prague* has never had a Rattlesnake


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2023-03-12 Lucerna Velký Sál Prague, Czechia King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - here’s the last setlist :3 hoping for a slow jam 1 tonight

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Last show was a scorcher! Let’s see if they keep it up.

Set predictions: Venusian 1, Dragon, Hell, Mind Fuzz Suite, The Dripping Tap.

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lol, we were missing the Bristol show from the site. I had just added it and was on the mind

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ah fair enough

no synths on stage but i think i see e-drums. imo, its likely they put the drums on and take them off if they decide not to put synth stuff on the setlist, and then they will bring the synth after grace (because theres not enough room on stage during the opener)



south park GIF

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Can we get a Digital Black > RR > Lord of Lightning > Cellophane???

What’s up everybody ! I am new to the board and super pumped about this show! Listening in From Maine in the UsA ! WoooooOooo

Fuxking pumped !


Obi Wan Kenobi Hello GIF by Star Wars

Welcome! Let’s party


I call Mind Fuzz. Not watching though today

rattlesnake GIF by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Rattlesnake opener!


Tour debut and also first play of 2024 I think

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Is the stream fast or are they playing fast

Seems like typical live Rattlesnake tempo to me