Matty Healy: Malaysia festival cancelled after The 1975 singer attacks

Well I just started liking The 1975, lol.
Also, fuck this guy:

"Wan Alman, entertainment director at Future Sound Asia which organises the Good Vibes Festival, told BBC News the band’s kiss came as “a complete surprise”.

He said: “Prior to their performance, we were reassured by management that they would adhere to all local performance guidelines as do all international artists that perform in the country, and yeah so we were completely surprised that the performance took such a turn.”

Mr Alman stressed international acts need to understand breaking rules comes at a high cost and not necessarily for the performers.

‘I think it’s very easy for him [Healy] to fly in and do whatever he wants to do, and then just fly out without having to face or take accountability for any consequences for his actions, while the ones who suffered implications are his fans here because his set was cut short, the festival organisers and, you know, I think the industry as a whole.’"

The people who have to live under draconian & oppressive laws are the ones who suffer. Fuck your festival, fuck the industry and fuck you too Wan Alman.

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Matty has been doing stunts like this for years, they can’t have been that surprised, and while it is a little performative, I’ll take it any day over the usual rainbow capitalist stuff we get from our popstars. I’m actually a (somewhat reluctant) 1975 defender - they can be relentlessly derivative, their lyrics can veer into thermonuclear cringe territory, but at the same time I think they’ve made some of the best pop music of the past few years and they put on a killer live show.

this is an all-time great bit

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