March 23, 2024 — Lollapalooza Brasil

This! (for anyone who can edit the pages here)
Stream! (you’ll need a free account and a VPN)

Setlist so far:
Planet B >
Crumbling Castle >
Gaia >
Gila Monster >
Hypertension →
Sea of Trees →
Robot Stop →
Hot Water →
Robot Stop >
Gamma Knife

“I love Fred Durst.”
“We’re from Austrailia, think about that! We’re in Brazil, that’s so cool.”
“Hypertension is all that’s JOEY!!!”


People keep calling for Footy Footy to be played here and this might be the perfect place for it. Personally I’d like Fred Durst to come out during The Grim Reaper.

Same here. Got scared for a second LOL

Really good festival set. Some particularly good Stu screams on this, for some reason.

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Finally listened to the recording of this. That > from Planet B to Crumbling Castle has made me forgive them for not playing Crumbling Castle > The Fourth Color at my first Gizz show

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Yeah I still haven’t seen it heard it. I saw a comment saying it was being taken down everywhere vigilantly, including Vimeo.

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