March 18, 2024 - Teatro Vorterix, Argentina

the luyas falling GIF by Amanda Bonaiuto

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This tour has been nuts! Glad to see people are hanging out here more, gonna try to remind myself to come here over reddit for Europe tour :slight_smile:

This tour has been something else, cannot get over last night’s show. Also want to note the Rattlesnake tease is probably more accurately in Hot Water as Joey teases it right before playing the chorus riff as Stu switches to the flute after tuning up the flying samurai for Sleepwalker and Hypertenson later.

I REALLY hope they stay this jammy. This is everything I want from the band and more. The instrument switches were so welcome last night. One of the greatest shows I’ve ever heard them play.


I think their synths are on a boat to America last I heard. They gotta play the classics for the first South American tour anyway.

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We host the reddit thread and are starting to plan events. Would love to have you over here! I’m Rowdy one of the community managers, welcome.

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I love me some speculation

Boat to Europe, right? Figuring they’re gonna get synthy over there.


Southamerican crowds are great. In Europe you have to visit shows in Poland to get close to it.

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