Magic: The Gizzening

Last month, I posted a teaser thread for a side project I started, making a Magic: The Gathering set for Gizzard. I wanted to make an active thread here where I could post updates, new cards, and so on. If folks want to contribute card design or art to this project, feel free to post ideas here.

A few new cards:

Mars for the Rich
Salt Shed


Never been into trading card games, but this is very creative, the possibilities are endless!
I know some people do King Gizz DnD campaigns, is it feasible that this actually becomes playable?

There are ways to play MTG with custom sets, the most obvious being printing up proxies and playing in person. There are some digital means, but they aren’t 100% percent reliable. There is always tabletop simulator I suppose.

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Ohhh I made one of these before!

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I’m a big fan of the Boogie keyword and it’s so on brand for the band.

Silver Cord - Legendary Artifact

I Built An Ark for Me and My Friends - Legendary Vehicle

I’m sure you could turn sagas into “songs” and turn the chapters into verses.

Can’t wait to see the boy’s legendary cards. I almost feel like every one should be one of the five colors and then someone has to be colorless haha. Also would be sweet if they were planeswalkers with several abilities thematic related to and their playing or instruments somehow.

Gosh, such a great idea. I’ve never designed a set myself but I play alot of limited. This would be a very cool set to draft up! There are ways to get custom cube lists together and draft them. Then you could just put the decks into tabletop sim like @Kaigem mentioned.

Can’t wait to play!