Magic: The Gizzening

Last month, I posted a teaser thread for a side project I started, making a Magic: The Gathering set for Gizzard. I wanted to make an active thread here where I could post updates, new cards, and so on. If folks want to contribute card design or art to this project, feel free to post ideas here.

A few new cards:

Mars for the Rich
Salt Shed

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Never been into trading card games, but this is very creative, the possibilities are endless!
I know some people do King Gizz DnD campaigns, is it feasible that this actually becomes playable?

that sounds sick actually. me and a few .netters had a DnD game going during COVID but it ended up kinda sputtering to a halt after the pandemic as most people ultimately went back to their own in-person games.

There are ways to play MTG with custom sets, the most obvious being printing up proxies and playing in person. There are some digital means, but they aren’t 100% percent reliable. There is always tabletop simulator I suppose.

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