Listening to a New Song Every Day in 2024

The whole DSOTM/Wizard of Oz thing gets all the attention, but this fits way better IMO

Apr. 1st: The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Fire

Its not an April Fool’s joke that I thought the Chili Peppers sang this song. I like the faster tempo of the cover but the musicianship in orginal is much better.


Apr. 2nd: TOOL - Stinkfist



Apr. 3rd: Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street



Apr. 4th: Steely Dan - Any Major Dude Will Tell You

@phreakbrain this is more my speed


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Apr. 5th: Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe

Since listening to the original version of Fire, can’t believe I’ve found another song I thought was a cover. Hendrix must be close to one of the most covered artists of all time…

Anyway, I’ve been returning to this album alot. Such a classic sound and I can see where Hendrix has influenced so much music. Maybe its the subconscious want for another guitar Gizzard album but this has definetely been fitting the bill lately.


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The origins of “Hey Joe” are kind of murky. Hey Joe - Wikipedia

Jimi definitely put his stamp on it though. He didn’t write it but it’s “his” now.


April 6th: The Mars Volta - The Widow

Still playing catch up here from a busy schedule. And I have to go into my backyard to stare at the sun today…

Last year Mars Volta came to town and bought tickets early. I had some other obligation spring up and never made it over to the show. I never really listened to their music either as I wanted to have a clean perspective going into the show.

I’m not a huge fan of this song but it has it moments. Lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala has a wonderful and strong voice but it sounds like its right out of the 70’s. Its not my favorite vocal style and while their are some strong riffs on this, its tempo is a little too slow to make it very interesting in my eyes. And then there’s just the weird noise jam at the end…

I’ve heard their live show is very good, so still going to check them out next time around.


April 7th: Ween - Bag of Fat

Cleaning up some of my Ween listens, I learned there was a bonus track on La Cucaracha (which is my least listened Ween album anyway). It was only released as an iTunes exclusive (remember that?)

Interesting song. Surf rock like vibe with that classic Ween slant and lyrics. This song kinda just rocks in a very funky way.


Interesting how different taste of music and interpretation of music can be. Personally, I’m pretty happy there are now bands around which play 70s style blues-rooted rock music like Wucan, De Wolff, Rival Sons, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown or Greta van Fleet. So I don’t mind it at all that their lead singer sounds like right out of the 70s. The song has a nice slow blues drive, when you count the measure it’s like B. B. King’s “Three O’Clock Blues”.
I don’t really get what you mean with “the weird noise jam at the end”, probably the part starting at around 2:18? I hear there a probably emulated sort of trumpet or so and some nice picking runs on guitar pretty well accentuated by the bass. To me, that would be at least a 3.5/5 if not 4.
However, Mars Volta are a band that plays many different styles of music, so there should be something for everyone.

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The weakness of this format is having to pick and chose songs from VAST collections of incredible bodies of work. A first impression can be powerful in either direction. Who knows if I would be listening to Gizz now if my first album I had heard from them was Eyes Like the Skies and not I’m In Your Mind Fuzz?

I bet I would like more from Mars Volta but to me, that 70’s style is super overplayed. “Been there done that” but like I’ve been trying to show this month, I’ve never necessarily had the biggest ear for the classics. Really only started listening to Zappa and Hendrix with this experiment and more I’ll highlight this month. Its possible that I’m hearing the final evolution of sounds Zappa or Hendrix in the modern day and doing the thought experiments backwards. “I dont like this old classic because I’ve already heard it better” could instead be “I like this old classic because it was the basis of what I love now”.

I dont know if that makes any sense at all but its a bit of an epiphany I’ve been having lately. I just havent been able to write much about it because life lol.

BlockquoteA first impression can be powerful in either direction. Who knows if I would be listening to Gizz now if my first album I had heard from them was Eyes Like the Skies and not I’m In Your Mind Fuzz?

And again. If the album I had heard first by them was “Eyes like the Sky” they would have immediately gotten me. It’s so creative and nobody does that kind of music anymore. I would have been like “Those guys are crazy, must listen to more of their stuff”.
Yes, well possible, a similar thing happened to Rock ‘n’ Roll, most young people wouldn’t like it that much, but it still is in today’s music. Motörhead played Rock’n’Roll, Lemmy always said so and they really did, but for some strange reason many people call it Metal. Which it isn’t, it actually is Rock’n’Roll. The backbeat technique in the drumming, the shuffles, the blues patterns, everything about it is Rock’n’Roll, it’s Chuck Berry, only more distorted and louder.
And if you label it “Psychobilly”, Rock’n’Roll is suddenly cool again.

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