King Gizzard songs that don’t get played live enough

We need more bust outs!!!

This post was made in response to If not now, Then when? only getting played 3 times so far.
I want it live so badly ;~;

If Not Now Then When not being played live is criminal. It’s probably their catchiest microtonal song imo

Gotta add God Is In The Rhythm


30 Past 7 could be so great.


I so want to see Poly > TCITA > DDWWF live at least once in my life.

If Not Now, Then When? is still one of my favorite Gizz songs and I wholeheartedly agree with @lucid. We should petition to have it played. If Not Now, Then When (The Fuck Will They Play It Again)?


Same here FTR. It’s also my son’s favorite Gizz song, which kinda makes me want to cry sometimes…