King Gizzard Drip

Drip drip from the tap…don’t slip!

I sadly don’t have much King Gizzard apparel. I got both of these at the caverns. I sadly did not get the user of the people who made this bandana. If anyone knows who made it, let me know !! Echo gave me this glow in the dark gator pin :heart:

I definitely need more, too. I just have our website tshirt, a @Scizzardland hat given to me by @Gizzhenge, and a Nonagon shirt. I should be wearing Gizz gear all the time.

I have a ton of official shirts (jams night, gizzverse is reel, snake mountain, fishy hooks, omnium reaper, screaming lungs) as well as ours of course. Also have a gizzy gator cap from Scizzardland with a few pins…

I have two shirts; a Murder of the Universe tee (bought at the Dublin 2018 show) and a FMB shirt from Gizzverse.

would love one of those shirts, the design is wicked. we ever do any other designs btw @AlteredBeef?

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I was thinking that we should make a new team shirt for each year


Lol dude how are we so similar? I have these same two shirts plus the red+black nonagon one.

I’ve got my metal night shirt on right now! :joy: I love this shirt.

I’ve got this one also that I really like

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That was our main tshirt design and we got stickers done of that. We should do another run. Just so happen to be wearing mine right now!


I have way too many official shirts… Just from this year Waspman, Mushroom Seattle art, and “Lizard Anatomy” tie dye shirt (my family figured out they could order from Gizzverse for me lol).

I also have listening to colorful records tie dye and whatever that shirt was that came out with the Asheville bootlegger on Bandcamp.

But my favorite stuff is always from the community. I have Cygoodie’s pins on my cork board at work. @Listening_Wind and I have the same hat from Scizzardland but I have it in green ;).

But my favorite, probably of all time is this one I got from some dude on reddit. I get so many complements at the show and when I break it down during Astroturf, people know why.

I guess I should also mention my son has a pretty sweet shirt also!

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My favorite bootleg shirt from Scizzardland

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Oooo that one is sick!

November in Australia is Aus Music Month, as part of that, today is Aus Music T-shirt Day, and this year fundraising is in support of Support Act, a charity that provides support to live music industry workers.
So I’m repping this:

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I have the same one! I love it but I think the green and pink on mine are much less vibrant for whatever reason.

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Wow, my childhood crush in a Gizz t-shirt? Dreams can come true, people.

I’ve got two official (gator with piano on green + yellow Omnium) and four “boots” (Scizzard dripping tap, our Planet B shirt, BVBootleg’s Salt Shed in navy, and the one posted below.) Here’s a head-turner I picked up at the Chicago fan meet-up.

Worst bootleg shirt EVER. So bad it’s maybe good.