king gizzard dreams

I had a dream that I was trying to purchase tickets outside at the ticket booth, but my card wasn’t working. so I couldn’t get in and I was devastated that I couldn’t get in to the king gizzard show. I tried to find someone that could help me, but their cards wouldn’t work either. i was watching outside. it was so sad. for some reason billy strings was there to opening for them and then sitting in with them later on. the venue was like a mix between red rocks and the outdoor caverns amphitheater.

Some of my dreams are like that, ones that usually revolve around me trying and failing to get somewhere like a gig or an airport to catch a flight. They always end right after the plane or bus to the show leaves without me.

None about Gizz in particular though, but I did once have a dream where I hung out with Trey from Phish, who was staying in the attic of a trippy version of my grandparent’s house.

oh yeah, just remembered the rest: we went biking after and during that bit he had a patois for some reason.

trey anastasio the second he gets on a bike

Did he ride it slowly? Did he ride it just how he likes?