King Gizzard at The Sphere?

Phish just did a 4-night run at the new Sphere venue in Las Vegas and I got to thinking on how KG could use it…

Maybe a massive Han-Tyumi vomiting all over the audience?

Hopefully tickets won’t be a thou each…

Imagine this but 30 stories tall…

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Seriously though, Galea would come up with some next level shit that no one’s even thought of for that.

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His thing is that the projection is live right? As in he’s responding to what’s happening on stage using custom gear I thought.
It’s easy to imagine they require a predetermined video for the sphere. Obviously he’d still come up with something pretty special though.

From what I’ve heard, Phish’s person did have predetermined images but was able to adjust them in real time to go with the music.

My guess is Stu would avoid it for a long time as just being a bit too much. A bit too commercial.


Until he sees what Dead & Co do with it lol.

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maybe. I’m just avoiding putting more undue pressure on the guys, for at least a decade. Or at least until each new sphere residency announcement isn’t huge news. They have so many other milestones and would love to see them take their time. Its like Phish 94-95 on Gizz tour now or what i imagined it to be as i hopped on board in 96 when it started to get out of control with the Red Rocks ban and all. No need to skip ahead to impossible tickets and shady tour incidents. Thats all likely inevitable, but maybe can be delayed for a while. Joey has already declared us a demanding bunch, the pressure of playing the sphere has got to be no joke. Anyway, thats where I’m coming from. Would i love to see it? Of course…I’m just in no hurry.

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Oh yeah, in all seriousness I fully see how far they are from belonging at the Sphere.
Everyone talks about tickets sales and the Hollywood Bowl for comparison, but it’s so much more than that. Their progression into the US touring industry has been so natural the whole way, if anything I think we’ll see a backing away from touring before a bigger plunge like MSG/the Sphere a long way down the line.