King Gizz Side Hustles

Got a good idea for a King Gizz-related business name for when the lot is popping? Food stands, crystal sellers, art vendors. Post them here.

Nobody take this idea because I thought of it first:

Weirdo Shawarma

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My girlfriend is a great seamtresses and I’ve encouraged her to sell custom designs. Altered Beast Boutique sounds pretty cool. Although this might already be an Etsy shop haha.

They would never let you do this but a cutlery stand called “Gamma Knives”. Nice. Knife.

“Beer Run” instead of “Drum Run”. Should be obvious what they sell

Flying Mictronal Banana Stand because as we know, theres always money in it.

“The Book” Store

Black Hot Soup and Sandwhiches

I could do this all day, fun idea haha

Infest the Brats’ Nest? (regular dogs and Italians, too)

It’s Got Mould (Gizzard-themed jello moulds)

Hawaiian Shaved Ice V

Oddfife (handmade flutes, fifes, recorders, etcs)

The Inner Shell (raw bar)

I could also do this all day, @rowdygizzfan :rofl:

The Grilled Cheese Goblin

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I was going to make the “Inner Cell” a super exclusive tent bar but your idea is better lol.

2.02 Killer Hair Salon

The Dripping Tap: RV plumbing on-call service on lot

Hypertension’s: fried food and burger stand

Time = $$$: they’ll get in line at 8 am and sell you their place

Most of What I Like: consignment or pawn shop

12 Bar Brews

Hot Water Tea Shop

Wooks In Adidas: thrift store

Hot Wax vegan candles (can’t be made of beeswax, right?)

The Dripping Tap bar and pub
Evil Death Roll Sushi
Robot Stop Robot Control and Extermination Services
Organ Farmer Prosthetics
Muddy Water Brewery
Rattlesnake Records
Infinite Rise Facelifts
Billabong Valley Glassware