— Today in King Gizzard History

Sometimes in the night I ask myself, what did King Gizzard play on this day in history??

…so when I got tired of wondering, I used the API to make this site:

It’s got a page for every day of the year (leap day too eyup) and it’ll link you to what concerts they played that day, what albums or singles might have come out, and whatever else fun stuff I can find.

If you’ve got suggestions I’m all ears… no promises though! Thanks!


@cwar just realised there is already a thread here.
Using the site I found this from today in 2016 (we’re going to have to accept a looseness in timezones I think :timer_clock: :upside_down_face::

Will be putting it on shortly.

Good looking 2019-09-06 setlist too.

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The site had a bit of a moment on Reddit:

Would be cool to find more of these misc facts.