People are arriving at our forum and it feels great! We’re building this just like we’ve been doing with, from the work of a dedicated team of volunteers. Since October '22, we’ve been collaborating on our website and this forum, and we’ve got plenty of big ideas for the future, but we need help.

If you’re obsessed with the KG like we are and you have some skills/time/ideas/enthusiasm to contribute, let us know. We’re on the lookout for

Contributors to Setlist Notation. We are working through all available King Gizzard live recordings to ensure setlist pages are as informative as possible. If you have a keen ear for teases and segues, ideally have experience with ‘jam band’ setlists, and want to help with this process, let us know. A team member typically listens to a recording, generates notes, then opens up discussion to suggest changes for a set time period before publication.

Writers. We run The King Gizzette Blog and are always looking for contributors. Check out the blog for ideas on what we’ve published in the past.

Show Tapers and Streamers. If you’re recording King Gizz, we’d like to have you as a collaborator as we try to get quality recordings into the hands of the fans. We also run the live setlist threads on reddit, so we can include your info there.

Experienced accredited non-profit organization administrators and volunteers. Launching a non-profit organization that does more than just promote other charities is a large, complex task. We are still passionate about harnessing the collective fandom of King Gizzard to be able to make a difference in things we care about like the environment, and need contributors with experience and time to donate in order to further our already significant efforts in organisation.

Other ideas. Like the band we love, we’re open to exploring new ideas we haven’t yet considered. We’re open to what comes, so if you have an idea for our website, this forum, or anything else related, have at it. We’re also interested in recruiting front- and back-end developers, digital artists, social media experts, and those with legal expertise.

(Shout out to @W.B.T.G.Slinger for contributions to the descriptions)


Good idea to post this here!
Anyone reading this, a large part of my contribution to the site goes toward the blog, if not writing the entries, then working with the author developing it/editing. So if you have anything King Gizz related you want to write about that doesn’t fit here, you can let me know directly too :slight_smile:


Hey, recent subreddit refugee here :slight_smile: just found the forum and am so stoked that the community is building a home here! I’ve got experience with writing and editing, so Im happy to lend a hand as needed with the blog. I’ll also (fingers crossed) be bar-admitted in the next few months. While I can’t lend much in the way of legal advice now, I’d be happy to lend a voice in the future if any areas come up that are within my area of experience!

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Hey I’m giving this a bump just because we had site meeting last night and are feeling the energy of the new tour. We’re always on the lookout for new contributors and there are lots of ways to help.

We’re especially interested in “Performance Briefs” of the shows from this tour, which are more involved than a typical review. Blog / Performance Brief - for an example from our Editor, @W.B.T.G.Slinger

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Just to expand on the brief being more involved, imo they’re a bit easier/easier to write than a review.
Think of the difference between a journalistic report and a personal emotive experience. The brief aims to try and gather some more objective information about what it was like to be there, and this also makes it much easier for us to help bring it together even without having attended the show.

just want to make sure you saw the draft brief in the August 15th, Cologne thread:

August 15, 2023 @ E-Werk, Cologne, Germany - Gizzverse - Forum

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I did, got it in Songfish as a draft now. Lots of interest from Reddit too. All of a sudden too much to deal with instead of not enough haha.

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Can’t say I’m the most tech savvy, but I am doing a YouTube channel and am trying to cover King Gizz as much as possible and am aiming to do a KGLW News Update every month about the band and community. If there is a way I can help let me know and if the Management Community Team here has a mission statement or anything they’d like me to share about this site I absolutely will. I already shouted the site out last month right around the time the Forum launched. Let me know if there’s anything I can share that’ll be helpful

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Share your YouTube channel here for starters. Thanks for shouting us out. Maybe we can feature your channel on our blog.

Ah yes, meant to link it before. Here you go :+1:

Just sent you a DM.

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My wife put on one of your videos the other day :smiley: you’re famous in this household!