KGLW at the dentist

True story!

Yesterday I’m getting a filling replaced and my dentist starts talking to me about KGLW. He’s been my dentist for awhile, and we’ve always chatted about music, but he brought up KGLW out of the blue, asking me if I’d heard of them and which tunes I would recommend for his office playlist (which was playing Phish while I was waiting and prompted the conversation). It was hard to answer because he had his hands in my mouth and I was loopy from nitrous, but I came up with “Sense” as my on-the-spot answer.

What would you have suggested?

Just putting the entirety of Sketches on would probably make for good Dentist office vibes if you want to do them a solid. Could be some interesting answers if you want things to go off the rails though.

Better than my visit to the dentist