KGLW Album Tier lists

Am I absolutely insane for this ranking? Maybe lol

I finally have listened to enough of their discography to be comfortable enough with making a tier list. If there’s something not on here I haven’t listened it to it enough to give it a place. I also didn’t want to rank Timeland or Eyes like the Sky because those felt too special to rank.


This is the one I used to make my tier list:

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How fun! This was my quick ranking… will be interesting to see where everyone falls! I feel bad putting some of these albums in lower tiers… they are some of my favorite albums!


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Next we should do one for all the official live releases and bootleggers :wink:


I will take no more LW slander


Channel 9 No GIF by The Block

We should make one for the residency tour shows!!

And that as well! Maybe like from the most notable shows.

updated version /w silver cord

That’s an easy one.

How can there even be D tier albums?


I feel shame and guilt for placing anything below A, honestly. This is a tier list for me when I compare only KG albums, not comparing them to other artist’s albums.

This is based

Although Gizz is anything but normal…

I think there’s something wrong with me. I’m not in my right mind and any complaints you have are totally correct. Unless they’re about the the top tier. That’s set in stone.

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Never been really into ranking stuff, but it’s been a long time since I thought about it for King Gizz so might as well.
Demos and the rest of the OB releases are either not really necessary or I’m not familiar enough with each to pit them against the others.
There’s nothing in the discography I dislike listening to, the lower tiers are just mostly based on how little I actually go back to them, or if there is something that does something similar better.
In theory B should have the most, so maybe you could bump IDPLMAL + Live at Levitation 14 down, and FAFYL + FFF up, but its always going to be weird :person_shrugging:t2:

Look, I consider myself to be a tolerant person, but anyone who puts Nonagon anywhere below the S tier should be fully excommunicated from polite society.


This is the only true teir list lets be honest with ourselves…

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