KGLW Album Tier lists

Am I absolutely insane for this ranking? Maybe lol

I finally have listened to enough of their discography to be comfortable enough with making a tier list. If there’s something not on here I haven’t listened it to it enough to give it a place. I also didn’t want to rank Timeland or Eyes like the Sky because those felt too special to rank.


This is the one I used to make my tier list:

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How fun! This was my quick ranking… will be interesting to see where everyone falls! I feel bad putting some of these albums in lower tiers… they are some of my favorite albums!


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Next we should do one for all the official live releases and bootleggers :wink:


I will take no more LW slander

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Channel 9 No GIF by The Block

We should make one for the residency tour shows!!

And that as well! Maybe like from the most notable shows.

updated version /w silver cord

That’s an easy one.

How can there even be D tier albums?

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I feel shame and guilt for placing anything below A, honestly. This is a tier list for me when I compare only KG albums, not comparing them to other artist’s albums.

This is based