June 3, 2024 • Les Nuits De Fourviere · Lyon, France

Setlist thread for the 14th King Gizzard show of the 2024 European tour. This show is the band’s second annual Drag Night, where both the band and members of the audience will dress in drag to celebrate and promote the acceptance of the many queer and non gender conforming people within and outside of the gizzard community.

France Show History

Show Time: Doors 7:00pm CEST, Amyl and the Sniffers ~8:30pm CEST, King Gizzard ~10:00pm CEST (4:00pm EDT, 1:00pm PDT, 6:00am AEDT)

Stream: Streamus (Facebook)

  1. Theia [w/ Motor Spirit quotes] →
  2. Extinction [w/ Flamethrower teases and The Grim Reaper quotes]
  3. The Grim Reaper [w/ “Get Low”, “Work It”, “Body Workin’”, and “Intergalatic” quotes]
  4. Gaia^a
  5. Converge >
  6. Witchcraft
  7. Inner Cell >
  8. Loyalty >
  9. Horology
  10. I’m In Your Mind >
  11. I’m Not In Your Mind >
  12. Cellophane [w/ Magma teases and quotes] >
  13. I’m In Your Mind Fuzz
  14. Magma

a. Contained drum solo/jam.

We will use this thread to coordinate how we record the full setlist, including teases and other show notes. If you hear a tease, please leave a reply and note which song it occurred within.

Poster by @AmyJeanArt:

Pre-Show Entertainment
Jim O’Rourke - The Workplace
Brighton 5/31/24 Tape
Brighton Recap
black country, new road - Ants From Up There (feeling a little solemn today)


That BCNR album you recommended as pre-show entertainment is fantastic.


I was so bummed when their tour for this album got cancelled haha, I still enjoy what they’re up to now but seeing this material live will elude me forever

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I too missed out on seeing them live in their original configuration.

I did catch them this year though, and they were good! A very different band but I would still recommend them


They played Meow Wolf in Denver which actually ended up sucking for me lol. Sound is super quiet so it doesn’t bleed into the exhibit upstairs so you could hear cars driving by on the highway during the music lol. That said, Nancy Tries to Take the Night blew me the hell away. That song is on par with the Issac stuff to me. I’m sure they’ll catch another hot streak again, they’re all such good musicians.

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Agree, I love BCNR and LP2 especially. I like the new direction as well but there was something about those first two albums. Almost went to the Brooklyn show last month but couldn’t.

On tonight’s show, I can’t explain how grateful I am and how lucky we all are to have this band. They’ve always been so welcoming to their fans and I’ve always felt so welcome in this community. The music is awesome, and the shows are even better, and it’s just such an awesome collective of people. What better way to celebrate this than Drag Night #2? Rant over. Just, thanks to all of you.


Just got back from Vegas last night and I’m ready for another stream! Hopefully the synth table is out for another round.

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Hopefully they ”drag” the synth table out onto the stage :sunglasses:


That 1st album is something else; every track is just so good.

I felt like Ants didn’t really align with my personal taste as much and did not meet the absolutely outrageous hype levels, but “Haldern” turned out to be one of my favorite tracks of theirs.

I’m calling a substantial microtonal section. Honey/Sleepdrifter, KGLW outro, Static, Oddlife, and Anoxia are my picks. Also predicting some synth action (Magenta? TSC debuts? Butterfly songs? Kepler?). Maybe one of those extended jam medleys (Iron Lung, Hypertension, Sleepwalker, Hot Water, etc.) Dragged out Shrimp action tonight? Grim Reaper? Maybe a Changes tune or two? Maybe a bit of a shorter metal section tonight. V1/2, Superbug/cell, Plastic, and Great chain.
TLDR, just some of my recent wishlist and reasonable calls for tonight.

Kinda glad I didn’t end up going to that show then haha. I am not super stoked about the direction they’ve taken since their original lineup.

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fair enough yeah, Haldern, along with Basketball shoes and snow globes is one of my favorite BCNR tracks.

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think we get a stream today? hope so so we can see the outfits

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We’re live ! Kimg Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard 3 June 2024 Théâtre Gallo Romain de Lyon-Fourvière | By StreamusFacebook

Live now! KGLW Streams | Kimg Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard 3 June 2024 Théâtre Gallo Romain de Lyon-Fourvière | Facebook


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Ahhhh yessss Theia

woooo theia