Introduction Thread

As more people join the forum, I thought it might be helpful to have a thread to introduce ourselves.

I’ll go first

My name is Lucid. My pronouns are She/They. Im 21 and I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana. I run the social media for @kglw_net , mainly our instagram. I enjoy traveling, making art, fashion, movies, occultism, nature, self improvement, and much more. Some of my favorite bands are Dry Cleaning, Guerilla Toss, Talking Heads, Sewerslvt, Machine Girl, the Garden, Phish, the Grateful Dead and Molchat Doma. Some of favorite movies are Mulholland Drive (obv lol), Donnie Darko, Nowhere, Paprika, Daisies, House, and The Craft. I’ve been listening to King Gizzard since 2017, but heavily got into them after seeing them live for the first time at Shaky Knees 2022 in Atlanta . Then I somehow found myself in the position to run the socials for our site which I am heavily grateful and honored to do. My favorite King Gizz show that I’ve been to has to be the acoustic night at the Caverns. My top three King Gizz albums are Murder of the Universe, Sketches, and Flying Microtonal Banana. My favorite song is either If Not Now Then When, the Fourth Colour , or All is Known. If I got to spend all day with only one of the members, I’d probably choose Lucas ! Or Joey but he’s just so swag.


Nice idea!

Hi, I’m Juan from Chile and I’m patiently waiting for the boys to come to South America to have my first show. I started listening to KGLW by the time ITRN was released but I really got into the band after I heard The River from Chunky Shrapnel.


Welcome! Hope you get plenty of love on the SA tour!


I’m Drew (or Andy, whichever you prefer), age 47, he/him, from Stockton, CA. I work on setlists, mostly on keeping the site current for the newest shows. I love finding the teases & quotes. Hobbies include travel, hiking, playing guitar, attending concerts and generally listening to tons of music!

Some of my other favorite bands are Elder, King Buffalo, Kikagaku Moyo (RIP :frowning:), Osees, Grateful Dead, Phish, Talking Heads, All Them Witches, My Sleeping Karma, Naxatras, Earthless…I could go on and on, lol. Some favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, The Blues Brothers, Donnie Darko, Spirited Away and Fight Club.

I started getting into Gizz around early 2019 somewhere as part of a general branching out into the world of psych rock. My first show was in August of 2019, my favorite show attended is the Berkeley Greek Theatre 10/2/22, which is where I realized just how great of a band this is and what they are capable of. After that show I started brainstorming with some folks on about starting a site for KGLW, we ended up finding @AlteredBeef’s group which was working on the same idea and the rest is history!

My top 3 Gizz albums are Polygondwanaland (my point of entry to the band), Nonagon Infinity and Ice Death. Top three songs…damn that’s tough, lol. Crumbling Castle, Robot Stop, Head On/Pill. Given the chance I would hang with either Amby or Stu.


I’m Wyatt (he/him) and I’m a music blogger in my late twenties from NSW, Australia.
I’ve been intensely into books and music my whole life, but never thought to really try my hand at writing much until about 2018 when I started a blog about music. This eventually led me to joining the team, where I have a hand in all things written.
A few of my favourite music artists outside of what we usually discuss here are: Death Grips, Kanye West, Björk, The Beatles, Joanna Newsom, Grimes, Jeff Buckley, and Julia Jacklin.
The best movie ever made is 2001: A Space Odyssey. Otherwise, I’m into skating.
I’m not sure what context I would hang out with any of the band, but I’ve met Stu briefly and he is as kind as everyone says.

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Oh this is fun. Hi, I’m Hayden (he/him) sometimes known as Scoots, I’m in my early 20s from San Antonio. I live in Austin where my friends and I perform semi-weekly comedy shows downtown. I love music most of all, I get way too excited to show off my Excel spreadsheet of every concert I’ve been to. KG’s music largely motivated me to finally start learning guitar a year ago.

At some point over quarantine I got sucked down the gizzhole, favorite albums are Float Along, PMDB, Nonagon, Fishies, L.W., LamDen, & Petro. I’ve seen the boys 7 times so far, proudly waited in line to get a poster in all 3 cities, and got my RR '22 poster signed by all the band, Jason, & Leah Senior. I’m bringing a bunch of newly-turned friends to the Austin marathon show next year (!!!)

There’s a bigger list in my bio but other fav musicians:
Gorillaz, Billy Joel, Lemon Demon, Talking Heads, The Decemberists, Childish Gambino, Fleetwood Mac, and Everything Everything

The gizzhead community has great taste! Thanks to people like y’all, I’ve gotten into Kikagaku Moyo, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Altın Gün, Erkin Koray, Frank Zappa, The Spectre Collective, Pipe-Eye, and Mdou Moctar.

And just for fun, some fav movies:
Alien, Howl’s Moving Castle, Shin Godzilla, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Your Name, Get Out, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Into the Spiderverse


Howdy, I’m Rowdy. Ok, actually Eric, he/him My life is over because I’m about to turn thirty. I live in Ohio, only because I love my current job as an engineer.

Big into anything outdoors, which has been tough in Ohio lol but I love running, hiking, backpacking, and camping whenever I can. Music has also taken over basically all of my free time, as I write for a small music blog and see something like 4-8 shows a month. Also big into local activism and community outreach, so it feels good to be so obsessed about a band that practices what they preach.

I first got into Gizz back near the very end of 2019. My buddy had seen them in Milwaukee without knowing anything and told me I should check this “crazy band” out. Mind Fuzz was probably my first album but most of Covid was a blur lol and I really had the chance to hyperfixate while we were all indoors. 4 years, 16 live shows, one tattoo, and a sizeable vinyl collection later and you could say I’m at least a little bit of a fan.

I listen to most of the usual that gets brought up and discussed here but lately I’ve really been into Neighbor, Squid, Yes, IDLES, Talking Heads, and a bluegrass kick. I’ve loved the Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age, the RHCP forever. My TV and movie taste is trash, so I’m not listing it lol.

Top 3 goes Polygondwanaland, Mind Fuzz, and Paper Mache Dream Balloon.

And honestly I dont want to meet anyone in the band because I wouldnt know what to say and would absolutely embarass myself lol. Although if I smoked, I imagine a session with them would be pretty amazing…