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3 second fade setting

Edit this playlist has now been updated with Silver Cord tracks. Give it a listen, but its a constant work in progress.

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A few days ago I made a playlist with my favorite Gizz songs so I can put in on shuffle when I’m in the mood so yeah check it out if you want to

this is how I start my mornings

Max’s GizzLizWiz Playlist. It goes from light to heavy, progressive build but you can start in a different spot depending on your mood or throw it on shuffle. My growing list of favorites

just upped your trust level (an anti-spam measure) there, so you should be able to post links now.

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Thank you!!!

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Great playlist

I have been maintaining this mega gizz playlist and it’s pretty great to just throw on random. This includes all the gizz tracks + the bootleg stuff. 60+ hours of gizz!

Bootleg of their chilled songs:

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…and yes I use Evil Star twice in my playlist, once in the beginning and again in the middle as a set break of sorts.

I love that one!!!