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3 second fade setting

Edit this playlist has now been updated with Silver Cord tracks. Give it a listen, but its a constant work in progress.

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A few days ago I made a playlist with my favorite Gizz songs so I can put in on shuffle when I’m in the mood so yeah check it out if you want to

this is how I start my day…

chiller dreamer vibe builds to more active vibe

Max’s GizzLizWiz Playlist. It goes from light to heavy, progressive build but you can start in a different spot depending on your mood or throw it on shuffle. My growing list of favorites

Thank you!!!

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Great playlist

I have been maintaining this mega gizz playlist and it’s pretty great to just throw on random. This includes all the gizz tracks + the bootleg stuff. 60+ hours of gizz!

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Bootleg of their chilled songs:

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…and yes I use Evil Star twice in my playlist, once in the beginning and again in the middle as a set break of sorts.

I love that one!!!

Reviving this thread… shame me for using Apple Music if you must but I took the jammiest songs from the demos and made FFF2. It’s probably a song or two short but if they stretched out a couple of these songs to get it over 40 minutes

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I have a request. I am making a few playlists for my toddler and wanted to make him a gizz playlist.

Which tracks would you put on a toddlers gizz playlist?

First thing i think if here is that on the Demos albums there are plenty of cool instrumental pieces. Start there maybe, I think they’re under bootleg gizz on streaming services but … too lazy to look right now…sorry.

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If you’re into to Tool they have lullaby renditions of Tool songs, not sure how I found those but worth a listen.


ooooh this is an awesome question…

  • Fishing For Fishies (came to mind immediately… check out the version on Demos 1)
  • Boogieman Sam
  • Mycelium
  • Candles
  • Dirt
  • Hate Dancin’
  • Last Oasis
  • Paper MâchĂ© Dream Balloon
  • 10th Boogie (Demos 2)
  • Music To Eat Pond Scum To (Demos 3)
  • Sweet Talking (Demos 6)

(there’s a bunch of other songs that I would put on a kids’ playlist, except for the lyrics…)

Like @gizzardphish said the Demo releases have a bunch of surprisingly chill versions of otherwise-less-chill songs… Bird Song is on both Demos 1 and 4… Spider And Me on Demos 2… Dripping Tap on Demos 6… Straws In The Wind on Demos 2…

I’m partial to FFF cause that was the album that really hooked me :sunglasses: but I feel like this is a pretty sweet album for kids (maybe not for toddlers tho)… however it might also make your kid want to become a harmonica player or a drummer so watch out :laughing:

My toddler’s favorite Gizz is probably off Petro actually. He loves Gila Monster. He likes Magenta Mountain and The River too but during the metal stuff he nods his head and goes “yeah yeah yeah”