Indiana Jones 5 is not a bad movie (spoilers)

Wife and I saw it last night and we both liked it. It was much better than I expected since it bombed. The deaths of those close to Indy felt impactful, the time travel aspects was done a lot better than I expected, and lots of Nazis died. A few chase scenes felt a little long, but none were boring. The bad guys were real characters, but that is normal for these movies. The eel scene was over the top, but that happens in all these movies when animals get involved. Helena Shaw was annoying initially, but i think that is the point so her character would have an arc, and I’m glad they didn’t make the character another love interest. I even think it made the reunion with Marion and even the introduction of Mutt in the previous movie more meaningful. It did what a great sequel can do, put a prior movie in the series in a better light. I think over time this movie will receive a lot more love.

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i liked it a lot and don’t understand the hate some critics threw at it. all the little easter eggs and callbacks were fun as hell.