Gumboot Soup Appreciation Thread

Just wanna put it out there that I think this is one of their strongest, under appreciated records out there. They got similar diversity as omnium but it feels way more concise to me. Plus barefoot desert is so friggin catchy!

I prefer the Muddy Water

It’s definitely the weakest of the 2017 batch, like I remember being a bit disappointed in it when it dropped, but there’s some amazing tunes on there in retrospect and on a lot of cuts you can hear the seeds of where they’d go on future records (e.g. Superposition sounds a lot like an early take on the BF3K sound)

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Maybe just because its the newest, but I feel Omnium Gatherum gets all the appreciation of the ‘concept-less’ albums, while Oddments and Gumboot Soup are just as great.

Hard to disagree its the weakest of the 2017 albums, but I still love it and it has some of my favourite songs.
This blending that you get is my favourite part, that song to me lyrically sounds like it was left over from Polygondwanaland, which makes sense that it was a BF3K precursor as they share polyrhythms.

I still think Gumboot is one of the first albums a new Gizz fan should listen to. Its a jack of trades, master of none, type album and really lets you marinade in the different styles that Gizz was playing with in the mid-late 2010’s. I think Omnium has taken its place as the definitive Gizz starter album, as it more fully encompases the sounds that the band has been experimenting with in the 2020’s. But once a new listener wants to take a look into their earlier albums, Gumboot serves as a great taster before digging into each album as a full course.

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gumboot peak but as an outsider I always saw it as a “oh this is a throwaway songs album”. obviously don’t see it like that now lol but I think that’s the thought process of people who don’t listen to it

I’ve always thought that I hold this album in high regard. For being a hodgepodge of songs the album as a whole has lots of personality. Wow what a year 2017 was for the band!

It really is a great album. Beginners luck is a great opener, there’s some great metal in greenhouse heat death and the great chain of being. Muddy water is essential gizz. I’m sleeping in is lovely. Not to mention the great album name and art. This album deserves to be appreciated!

Without Gumboot Soup we wouldn’t have I’m Sleepin’ In, which makes it instantly great