Guitar scales of The River Live

Hello, since 2022 the guys have been doing the Evil River section and I’m trying to find the change in scale of that part and also the Dark Star-ish jam of Chicago 23, but I’m getting a hard time finding out the scales on the guitar.

What would be the scales besides the A major scale used in the beginning of the jam, the Evil River section and also the Dark Star jam?

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I know absolutely nothing about guitar and cant help you. But welcome to the site and someone please help this poor person!

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this is the jam you’re referring to, yeah?

can you identify timestamps for the sections?

bass melody seems like it starts off at B-F#-E-F#…
Stu strumming something interesting @ 8:00… high-energy section, C-B, G-F#… D#-E… bass doing B-C then?

Dark-Star-ish jam starts @ 11:00?

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