Gizzy Tattoos (and others)

I’ve always been a fan of body art, but have also always had these weird phobias about doing it myself. Well guess what? I finally decided to face down my fears; this is my right forearm as of yesterday:

How about you all? Show off your ink, gizzy or otherwise, in here!


Thanks dude! I’m super happy with it! The pain was somewhere in that basic range, it depends on where it’s getting done. For the tougher, more weather worn skin to the right of the photo the pain level was similar to an injection. For the more tender skin to the left it was more intense, a burning sensation similar to a bee sting. The pain didn’t last in any one spot though, more like it moves along with the needle but once any given spot was done the pain didn’t linger.


I got this at a walk in appointment at Red Rocks '22. I think the eyes could be more “Pac-man” like but I love it. One guess what my favorite song is lol.

Was thinking this would be the center of a bigger sleeve, maybe. Dont know how artists feel adding to other work as part of a bigger project. Unless they keep playing at Red Rocks and i can go back to the same guy.

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Depends heavily on the location/style/machine setup (I recently got one with one of those small battery powered machines rather than the loud coil ones for the first time). Its best to embrace the pain and just breathe through/exist in it rather than fight it, its a trip, and I like to think of the tattoo as a brand representing the process, tattoos hurt.
Make sure you speak up to the artist if you’re not in a comfortable position, and that you’re not doing it on an empty stomach unless you’re experienced with fasting. If you need a break to eat/drink/whatever make it as short as possible as it gets a lot harder to endure coming back after that.
Best description I’ve come across is that it feels like drawing heavily on bad sunburn with a ballpoint pen, but you will be surprised at the range of sensations you’ll feel between the initial stinging sharpness to the buzzing burning that takes over later. This nonagon is only lines and therefore took one pass, but if you’re going for shading and colour, the artist will have to pass back over the initial lines twice!

He hasn’t updated it in a while, but Jason Galea was compiling King Gizz tattoos on this Instagram account:

Lots of great ones in there.

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I’m planning to get one next year!!! I was thinking red ink, but yours looks incredible!!

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Thank you!!!

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Just this one currently (going to fill my back with lots of other stuff), but am also planning on getting the Gizz gator somewhere on my front side and a Blue Morpho on my arm in due time

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This is my first tattoo, got it 2 years ago. (got a second one the same day, but it’s BrBa inspired, so not related)

It’s a mix of the Nonagon infinity symbol and the rat skull from ITRN (simplified version).


Older pic from when it was super fresh (like I’m literally still in the chair fresh lol) back in February but I got a wizard gator for subtle Gizzverse representation! I’m also getting a rats skull sometime later this year. All my other non-gizzard tattoos are animals (raccoon clown, astronaut pigeon, cowboy possum, two-headed rattlesnake). :slight_smile:


I have a few gizz tattoo, recently got 2.

I only have band tattoos including Sonic Youth, Death Grips and Hers but mainly gizz. Would attach but for some reason it isn’t letting me attach the photos

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Question for the vets:

If I’m looking at some custom Gizz art, is it customary to approach a tattoo artist to make a design or can I bring a tattoo artist of my choice a creation by a Gizz centric artist to recreate?

I don’t want to spoil my idea but I feel like an artist with a solid connection to the Gizzverse would be better to create a sketch that would be recreated by a tattoo artist. But then, I figure tattoo artists generally make their designs to better look like a tattoo/contour to the human body?

Help! I’ve only gotten lettering and simple designs before haha.

Either way is fine really.

Personally I like to collaborate with a tattoo artist whose work I like and whose style I think would go well with the design I have in mind. The artist will know what elements of a given design will work / won’t work as ink-in-skin — e.g. lots of really fine lines can be tricky based on what part of the body it’s going on; patches of color can end up smudging after 5–10 years; some skin stretches more than other skin; etc etc.

But if the design isn’t easily explained, or the tattoo artist will have to do many revisions to get it exactly like what you have in mind, then it might make sense to start by working with a visual artist to get your idea “close enough” onto paper, and then taking that to the tattoo artist and further tweaking it to fit the location on your body that you are considering.

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Any good artist should do custom stuff, but their suitability/desire to do your particular design will vary wildly.

What I usually do is maintain a big list of concepts and ideas I would like, and over time I come across artists who’s work seems to suit the idea. So far they have all been receptive with good results, but I also don’t have any King Gizzard tattoos (yet).

In your situation I would narrow down to a bunch of artists that you have access to and ask via email. Some would rather draw their own, some will be fine using another person’s art.
It’s also very common to find middle ground and bring the artist a sketch and let them finish it in their style, and that just comes down to if you think your idea is similar enough to the kind of stuff they are already doing.

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I definetely have an idea I just want to set an artist loose on. Stick with a sketch “in my mind” (fuzz) and have them fill in specific details like which Gizz charcters are in the scene or which guitar between the explorer, banana, and Flying Samurai is in the scene as well. I’m sure if I pick an artist who’s other designs I like, I would be happy. But then I see some of the amazing work the artists do here that are just begging for a commission :wink:

Got this about a week ago. I love sea turtles and the concept of the earth as a living being so that’s what it’s about. Not really based on any legends or anything, it’s kind of just an “I am Gaia” type of thing.

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master & commander goes hard, I love that movie

Here’s my lil gator!!! I got it made by a local artist, it’s very much the same as the regular one but I wanted mine to be smiling a little. I got it done because of the obvious reasons but also as a symbol for resilience in the face of life long mental health struggles which this band has helped me cope with.


Very clean! Nice.