Gizzcoded Media

Recently, I have been heavily into Adventure Time and I’m rewatching it. That show is definitely not just for kids lol and makes complete sense when you’re baked off your ass lol.

Not too long ago, I posted a clip of it paired with Altered Beast and it synced up perfectly. Several of my friends slid up on my story saying it was “Gizzcoded” LOL or in Gen Z translation something that has the essence of said coded thing.

Let’s discuss some media that reminds us of the Gizzverse or would pair well with a King Gizzard album. What other examples can you think of ?

Fantastic Planet was the first thing that came to mind.

Oh I love that movie ! It was really immersive and the soundtrack is amazing. It really had me contemplating how I looked at things afterwards like life that is smaller than me.

I also watched it with @Birds and his crew at their campsite in Bethel. They had a nice set up. it was a memorable environment for the first viewing. I had been wanting to watch it years before that and it just felt like the stars had aligned for me to!

That looks like an amazing setup!

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That bethel phish run was so great. We had such a dope camp site! Fantastic Planet blew me away.

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The animated versiom of “The Midnight Gospel” on Netflix always reminded me of the “O.N.E” music video and is by the creator of Adventure Time I believe. Theres alot in that show that would slide right into the Gizzverse.

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Eyes Like The Sky reminds me a lot of Blood Meridian; not only do they take place in roughly the same time and place, but both are similarly brutal and revisionist takes on the Western, and both are delivered fairly stark and utilitarian language.


Agreed, except on ‘similarly brutal’ haha. Blood Meridian has got to be up there with the most brutal thing I have ever read.

A lot of respect to Broderick for keeping the story pretty real, but:

War had made it necessary to take child captives.
The rest would be slaughtered.
And that is how Miguel O’Brien became a Yavapai-Apache warrior.
He was five years old.

Has got nothing on McCarthy’s raids.

there’s definitely some lurid stuff on there (e.g. God Man’s Goat-Lust) but yeah, nothing on the worst in BM.

I’ve always wanted to read this. The Road took a lot out of me though. Maybe I’ve been avoiding it :joy:

Something else I’ve had on my list is Holy Mountain. Apparently inspiration for nonagon videos

Holy Mountain was definitely one I considered bringing up; the rebirth ritual scene is super similar to the live action bit in the Invisible Face video.

ntm this Nonagon-esque symbol popping up

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This movie has presented enough signs to me now, I think its finally time to watch it.
Back to books, there are several H.P. Lovecraft stories that are Gizzcoded (does it count if its older than Gizz?) I guess Gizz are actually Lovecraft-coded haha.
But Dreams in the Witch House and The Color Out of Space are good starting ones.

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