General Prince Thread

“By far, hands down the greatest living guitarist in any genre is Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince does so many things well that it’s easy to forget that he is also a world class shredder.”

– Dean Ween

Fuckin’ A, dude.

I always feel like “that guy” when I tell people this, but I was incredibly fortunate to see Prince in 2013 on his club tour with 3RDEYEGIRL at DNA Lounge in San Francisco. DNA’s capacity is listed at 800; it was a very intimate show.

It legitimately changed my life and my relationship to music. Not something I’ve ever said nor expect to say about another act.

Prince himself, the crowd, and 3RDEYEGIRL were all impeccable. No one commands a stage like The Purple One.

It was one of the first shows I went to that disallowed cell phones so I’ll have is the ticket stubs which are badass in their own right.

few artists whose emotion/passion is as palpable as prince