General live taping thread

Just made my first live audience tape at Splendour in the Grass over the weekend. Up on the Live Music Archive for now, Youtube soon:

Anyone else taped or thinking about taping King Gizzard? Upcoming Europe tour needs you!

thank you!

Really enjoyed that recording! The band is fully on fire for this set in their homeland. I love how they rage the whole show with a majority of new songs. Five out of eight are on albums released within the past two years. I bet there aren’t many bands who have been around as long who fill their festival sets with nearly all new material.

Just downloaded for my afternoon listening. Thank you for recording!

Listened in full last night! Dope recording…so grateful you made the effort to not just get there, but record it as well. Also very happy 4 you that you got a Dripping Tap > Magma closer…not much better way to end a Gizz show these days.

I love a great AUD and this delivers! (I’m relieved to know that Australia has chompers too.)

Haha yeah, very little new music being played across the board at the festival.

Though to be fair, aside from cannabis there was probably the lowest amount of overt drug use/abuse I’ve ever seen at a festival. No anti-social vibes anywhere actually, it was quite amazing.

Full recording now up on YouTube with a visualizer:


thanks for taping!

this recording turned out nice, I figure a few of you will enjoy it

Thalia Hall,
Chicago, IL

Withered Hand
Ticklish Warrior
Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster
Animated Violence
Funeral Solution
Scum Show
A Foul Form
Fucking Kill Me
The Dream / The Daily Heavy
Tidal Wave
The Static God
Sticky Hulks
Intercepted Message
Encrypted Bounce
Poor Queen
Warm Slime
Scramble Suit II
If I Had My Way
Blank Chems
Rogue Planet

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Caught them in Cleveland Sunday, sick show. Thanks for the share!

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I recorded one of Leah Senior’s recent shows just directly with my phone mic resting in a handy elevated spot. Was intending for it just to be reference for the setlist and info for a writing piece, but it turned out listenable I think:

Missing first half of the first song. Couple of cool unreleased songs and a Bridget St John cover too.
They’re doing a different set each show these days, and they’re on the verge of jamming with some of the solos so I’m glad to have this.
Would be great to see a few more from their big US tour coming.

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How are you recording?

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz

From Gizzverse to Live Gizz