Forum Issues, Features, Questions, etc

If something isn’t working for you, if you have questions about how to use the features, if you have requests for new features (not guaranteed to happen but we will listen and consider these) or anything else in this ballpark please post it here.

First thing everyone should know, to embed a YouTube video in a post just copy/paste the URL into its own line in the post. That’s all you need!


if anyone is running into issues posting links and whatnot, literally just browse the site for a minute or two and it’ll automatically unlock; for anti-spam reasons, we just require that people on the site use it for a few minutes before they can post links, upload files etc.

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Can we get more emojis? I feel like a painter with only primary colors to choose from…

I want to respond with the appropriate emoji, but…

Welcome all new users from today’s public launch!

Another feature that hasn’t been mentioned is @SupremeAxendancy 's setlist tag. which can be used like:
Example: I’m really enjoying this Muddy Water from 2022-04-27 right now. Click and hover to see the setlist, with a link to the main setlist page.

Thanks!! I wrote up a lil more info about it heretldr it’s gotta always be year-month-day, use a 0 if the number is below 10, and if the date’s wrong it’ll look reddish either before or after you click…

Seriously considering adding a footer to the forum that says “ This Forum Is Dedicated To The Brave Mujahideen Fighters Of Afghanistan”

is that a reference I’m missing? Mujahideen just makes me think of Spies Like Us

@phreakbrain is quoting turned off? It’s not letting me do that.

do you mean highlighting text and the ensuing quote/share popup?

Yeah, when I highlight text the quote button doesn’t appear.

oh shit you’re right… will look into it rn.

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update didn’t do the trick… gna disable all the components and see if that does the trick. if not, it’s probably discourse core.

that didn’t do the trick, and neither did trying it in safe mode, so it’s probably a bug w discourse itself. someone on the discourse forum says it’s happening to them too.

to compensate, I’ll re-add the old quote button to the composer until it’s fixed (the quote button is the speech bubble-shaped button to the left of the bold button, to use it click Reply on the post you want to quote and then click the aforementioned speech bubble button)


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Possible to make the default image size from the gif keyboard smaller? They always come out huge but can be manually modified.

I think it depends on the original image size??

We could add something whereby images would have a max width…

there’s a few settings that trigger image-resizing, but they’re a little finicky. I’ll toy around with them over the next few days and we’ll hopefully find a happy medium.

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do you have an example post of GIFs coming out oversized? unable to reproduce it on my end? also is the issue present on mobile, desktop or both?

No issue, they’re coming out as they’re meant to. I guess I should have been more clear that I just thought they tend to look quite large on the page.

For example:

Awkward The Simpsons GIF

I think looks less dominating like:

Awkward The Simpsons GIF